The City of Los Angeles Faces Staffing Crisis with Over 7,000 Vacant Positions

If you reside in Los Angeles and are dissatisfied with city services, it might be because the city has nearly 7,000 open positions. That equates to one out of every six employment in the city of Los Angeles.

“City services are sluggish. You phone and ask for something to be picked up, and you’re surprised at how long it takes. That’s exactly why,” stated L.A. Mayor Karen Bass.

Vacancies in public works, street services, and sanitation total more than 20%. Airport and building security are roughly 18%, water and power are around 17%, and sworn police officers are around 16%.

The city sponsored its fourth job fair at Elysian Park on Thursday, with over 20 city agencies in attendance and the potential to get employed on the spot.

Job seeker Celvis Santisteven stated, “They’re giving you the tools to apply right now, give them an application right on the spot or use their laptops to do the application.”

“Being a nurse, a physician, to working in veterinary services, working for the Department of Transportation as a crossing guards, working for the Department of Sanitation on assisting us clean up our city,” Aura Garcia, an employee of the city of Los Angeles, stated.

Alexis Cisneros is currently working in marketing for the sanitation department after being hired at a prior job fair.

“Something like this is an amazing chance for the city to reach out to its citizens and the citizens to the city,” he added.

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