‘You’re Not Alone,’ says Biden as he sobs with Lewiston following the mass shooting

On Friday, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Lewiston, Maine, to honour the memory of the eighteen individuals who lost their lives in the bloodiest mass shooting on October 25, as well as to speak with survivors and the local community. In honouring the 18 departed, Biden stated that they “lived lives of love, service, and sacrifice.”

After visiting with first responders, nurses, and other community members, the president gave a speech to honour the victims. The victims’ relatives will have a private meeting with the president. The president did not ask Congress to enact any particular gun control legislation during his speech.

'You're Not Alone,' says Biden as he sobs with Lewiston following the mass shooting

“Children, grandchildren, wives, siblings, parents, grandparents, bowling coaches, union workers, cherished members of advocates and friends of Lewiston’s and the deaf and hard of hearing community—eighteen priceless souls stolen, thirteen wounded. Biden continued, “They all led lives filled with love, sacrifice, and service.

Regardless of our political views, this is about defending our right to walk to a restaurant, a church, a bowling alley, or a school without fear of being shot and killed. It is about using common sense and responsible, reasonable steps to safeguard our children, families, and communities,” he continued.

“Far too many Americans have now had a family member killed or injured as a result of gun violence,” said Mr. Biden in a statement following the mass shooting. He also ordered the flags at the White House and other facilities to fly at half staff. We are unable to believe that since it is not typical.”

The most catastrophic shootings of 2023 so far occurred in October and happened at a pub and bowling alley on the same evening.
Lockdowns in the Lewiston area were caused by the suspect’s self-inflicted gunshot wound, which resulted in his death a few days later.

'You're Not Alone,' says Biden as he sobs with Lewiston following the mass shooting

In spite of the fact that he left out any mention of gun regulation in his speech on Friday, Biden has consistently urged Congress to outlaw assault weapons and magazines with a large capacity.

During a news briefing on Thursday prior to the trip to Maine, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that Biden is still advocating for Congress to take similar measures.

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