Trucker’s Escape from San Jacinto County Chemical Plant Explosion

Following an explosion, massive black clouds lifted above the fire at Sound Resource Solutions on FM 1127 in San Jacinto County on Wednesday morning.

“I was terrified. I just began running and left my truck running with the doors open. “I just started running,” said Francisco Arreola, a truck driver.

Only on AB13 will you see an eyewitness report.

Arreola was picking up a shipment at the Sound Resource Solution plant on Wednesday morning when it caught fire. He told Eyewitness News that he heard the explosion and saw everyone rushing away from the scene.

“I just saw the tanker move forward, then a fireball and smoke.” ‘Run!’ shouted the guy from the rear of the tanker.” Arreola remembered. “You could feel the heat from the explosions, you know, while you’re running, you get the heat from the fireballs.”

Arreola stated that he was assured the semi was unharmed and survived the fire. He was allowed to see his truck after 9 p.m., but it had not been given to him due to the continuing inquiry.

According to early evidence in their investigation, authorities think an employee on a forklift observed chemicals spilling from a container and called 911. According to county officials, the man hoisted the container and then saw the fire and an ignition.

When Arreola arrived on the scene, he didn’t see the forklift, but he did witness a tanker, a fire, and an explosion.

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, fast assessment vans are on the site checking for chemicals and isolating them. So far, no chemicals have been identified in the air outside of the immediate vicinity of the incident, according to the agency.

According to ABC13, the next step is to design a strategy to clean up the two retention ponds that took up the majority of the fire’s drainage.

It might take days, according to officials.

There is a sense of relief in San Jacinto County that no one was killed in the blasts.

“Materials can be replaced, but lives cannot,” Arreola explained.

Concerning neighbours, routes in the neighbourhood are now open, and the sheriff says that everyone has been permitted to return home following the fear.

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