Georgia authorities identify 1988 suitcase-dead woman as they “solve the mystery”

Georgia officials have stated in a statement that they discovered a body inside a suitcase in a Georgia dumpster 35-years ago and they had also identified the body that founded to be of a South Korean woman.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation collected the DNA samples from the donors to confirm the identity of the  remains found in the rural Millen in February 1988. The remains are identified to be belong to Chong Un Kim aged 26 years at the time of his death.Sheriff’s officials had promised the family of Kim to pursue justice for Kim’s death and to bring closure to them. This became a unravel mystery for the officials as it was becoming very difficult to solve. They tried each and every way and left no stone unturned to solve this mystery and to uncover the truth.

Investigators stated that according to their investigation, Kim got shifted to the United States in 1981. For several years she lived in Hinesville located 70 miles south of Millen near fort Stewart.

The investigators tried every method such as fingerprints, forensic sketch but did not identify Kim for several decades. Then NAMUS generated a sketch using computer technology  to investigate about missing and unidentified persons and as a result the body came to be known as “Jane Millen Doe” and “Jenkins County Jane Doe” but the previously donated DNA samples did not match the body.

Sheriff took over the case from his predecessors, stated that several individuals interviewed who had claimed to be witness of something but still they were unable to obtain any leads.

Then the GBI to analyze DNA entrusted Othram (a company that have extensive genetic databases to match DNA) and identified the body successfully creating DNA profile by using genetic material obtained from a blanket found with the body.

Then the investigators informed Kim’s relatives that they had identified her body. As stated by GBI agents, Kim’s sister resides in New York and was notified of the identification.


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