South Carolina’s Top 11 Most Dangerous Cities (2023)

It’s critical to understand which cities to stay away from in South Carolina if you’re seeking for a quiet, secure neighborhood. Even with the state’s expanding economy, stunning beaches, and welcoming southern culture, certain regions continue to have greater rates of crime than others. We’ll examine the top 10 riskiest cities in South Carolina in-depth in this post so you can choose wisely about where to visit and reside.

In 2023, Orangeburg is projected by Southwest Journal to be the most dangerous city in South Carolina, based on FBI data.
At 1,731 violent crimes per 100,000 population, Orangeburg ranked most out of all the cities with 12,500 residents. 6,560 property crimes made up the state’s fourth most hazardous category.

West Columbia came in at number ten.

After visiting South Carolina for a while, author Michael Rivera claims to have seen beneath the surface of the state that lies beyond nature preserves, beach getaways, and NASCAR racing.

It’s not all sweet tea and gracious Southern hospitality, I can assure you of that. It’s important to talk about the Palmetto State’s darker side,” he added.

Drug usage is one of the numerous contributing factors, he said.

He said, “There are severe and potentially fatal risks in these areas.”

South Carolina's Top 11 Most Dangerous Cities (2023)

Here is the list of 10 most dangerous cities in South Carolina:-

2.Myrtle Beach
5.North Charleston


One of the worst places to live in South Carolina is Orangeburg, a community 37 miles from Columbia. It has one of the highest rates of violent crime. Orangeburg, which has a population of about 14,000, has a crime rate of 7,871 per 100,000 inhabitants, which is 241% greater than the average for the country. With 2,035 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in 2022, it was a significant problem for the neighborhood.

12,529 people in total
1,731 violent crimes per 100,000 people (highest risk)
The fourth most dangerous property crime rate per 100,000 people is 6,560

Myrtle Beach

Due to its high prevalence of crime, the well-liked tourist resort of Myrtle Beach is regarded as the most hazardous city in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach, with a population of 36,000, has 10,096 crimes per 100,000 residents, which is 330% more than the national average. The likelihood of becoming a victim of any kind of crime is one in ten for locals. In 2022 alone, the city had 458 violent crimes and 3,056 property crimes reported. Thousands of people visit Myrtle Beach safely every year, but for extra security, it’s advised to stick to the tourist zones.


Crime is a source of grief in Florence, the centre of the Pee Dee region in northeastern South Carolina. With little more than one break-in per day on average, the city has the eighth-highest burglary rate in the entire state. With 562 violent crimes recorded in 2020, Florence is obviously dealing with an increase in crime.

A local attorney in Florence turned himself in to the police in 2013 after they had issued a warrant for his arrest related to a sexual offence. The lawyer, whose identity remained undisclosed, was taken into custody and accused of the offence. Given the attorney’s standing and reputation in the city, this case came as a shock to the locals.

Number of people: 38,597
Place from Last Year: 4 (Same)
1,456 violent crimes per 100,000 people (the third most hazardous)


Despite not being as strong as its historic namesake, Spartanburg, which is located in the northwest region of South Carolina, is nevertheless the sixth most dangerous area to reside in the state as of 2022. The city struggles to maintain citizen safety despite its efforts to protect nature at the Hatcher Garden and Woodland protect, where on average more than one burglary occurs each day.

Inhabitants: 37,469
Prior Year: 8 (Up 3)
4,430 violent crimes per 100,000 people, ranking fourth in hazard.
Property crimes per 100,000 people: 6,101, ranking eighthly dangerous

North Charleston

At 6,249 crimes committed against every 100,000 residents, North Charleston is regarded as one of the most dangerous communities in South Carolina. The city has 106,113 residents. There is a 1 in 17 probability that a resident will fall victim to any crime because this crime rate is 166% greater than the national average. There were 35 recorded murders in the city in 2021; the most common violent crimes were assault and robbery. In addition, there is a high prevalence of property crimes in the area, including car theft and theft.


The third-oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown, has a complicated past despite a rich past. Despite having a beautiful waterfront, the city had 407 thefts in 2020. However, Georgetown’s difficulties are not limited to crime; a number of other issues also make it one of the worst places to live in South Carolina.

8,697 people in total
Crimes of Violence Per 100,000: 1,241 (the eighth most dangerous)
5,634 property crimes per 100,000 people, ranking 13th most hazardous


With a population of only 40,760, the city of Sumter in South Carolina is regarded as extremely dangerous, with a crime rate 110% higher than the national average. With 8 murders, 38 robberies, and 298 assaults recorded in 2021 alone, there is a 1 in 123 risk of falling victim to violent crime. In addition, there are a lot of theft, grand theft auto, and burglary crimes in the neighborhood. In Sumter, the typical household income is $38,000, which is 30% less than the average for the country.


Greenville is regarded as one of the worst locations to live in South Carolina because of its high crime rate. Greenville, which has a population of 70,720 and is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has a crime rate of 4,764 per 100,000 people, which is 103% higher than the national average. Sadly, there is a 1 in 21 risk that a Greenville resident will become a victim of crime. There are cases of theft and burglary in addition to the more severe crimes like assault and robbery. Greenville is a bustling city with a lot of big businesses despite these obstacles.


With a population of 51,000, Summerville, which is located in Dorchester County, is regarded as one of South Carolina’s most hazardous cities. Summerville’s crime rate is 33% higher than the national average even though it is somewhat lower than the state average. The city has 3,128 incidents for every 100,000 residents on average, meaning that residents have a 1 in 32 risk of becoming victims of any kind of crime. The most often reported crimes in the city are theft, burglary, assault, and auto theft.


South Carolina’s state capital is Columbia. West Columbia is a hamlet across the Congaree River, roughly ten minutes’ drive from the University of South Carolina or the State House.

Thus, West Columbia is a pleasant location with a lot of fascinating amenities just a short drive away. That said, there is a price for this. The area has a remarkably elevated crime rate. Although there isn’t much frightening violence, property crime is a significant issue. In South Carolina, West Columbia has the second-highest rate of property crime.

18,143 people in total
Killings per 100,000 People: 777 (the 21st most deadly)
The second most dangerous number of property crimes per 100,000 is 8,014

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