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15 Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago (2023)

Among the major cities of America, Chicago is one of them having a very high crime rate despite this factor there are various places in this city where a person could feel safe. These are-

  1. Edison Park
  2. Norwood Park
  3. Forest Glen
  4. Lake View
  5. Mount Greenwood
  6. Westmont
  7. Rogers Park
  8. West Lawn
  9. Streeterville
  10. North Center
  11. O’Hare
  12. Hegewisch
  13. Lincoln Park
  14. Printer’s Row
  15. Chicago Loop
  • Edison Park

Edison Park is one of the safest neighborhood in the Chicago city having a 77% lower than rest of the city. This place is situated in the Northwest region of Chicago, this place is bit away from the city center. This area is being populated with a lot of young professionals, making it an ideal place for families.

  • Norwood Park

On the Northwestern end of Chicago a place named Norwood Park, this place have suburban ambiance and ample green spaces and this help it to maintain safest level of neighborhood in the city.

  • Forest Glen

One of the oldest but the safest neighborhood in the city named Forest Glen. This place is renowned for its secure streets and family-friendly atmosphere. Many professional families such as government officials, police officers, and lawyers lives in this area.

  • Lake View

Lake view which is located next to Wrigley Field is one amongst the sought-after neighborhoods. If look after its crime rate it has 40% lower crime rate than rest of the city, here the presence of strong police presence made the residents feel secure.

  • Mount Greenwood

One of the safest neighborhood in Chicago, Mount Greenwood is located in the Southwest of Chicago. Its safety rate is 66% higher than other communities in Chicago, this made it possible to be a popular choice of families to live here. This area is surrounded by other suburbs and green spaces which makes it less susceptible to criminal activities.

  • Westmont

Westmont is located in the northwestern region of Chicago. It has population of around 24,429 being one of the safest places to live in the city. The crime rate of the city is 65% lower than others.  The low crime rate and its secure atmosphere make the city an ideal location for families and for those seeking a suburban lifestyle.

  • Rogers Park

Rogers Park is located on the shores of Lake Michigan on the far North side of Chicago. This brought up here a unique architecture, green public places and beautiful beaches along the great lakes. This place is also famous for supporting LGBT community.

  • West Lawn

For working-class residents west lawn is the safe area which is located in Southwestern Chicago having population of approximately 33,662. This area have crime rate of about 22% lower than the city’s average.

  • Streeterville

Being a city’s top attractions, including the renowned Michigan Avenue and historic Navy Pier, Streeterville is situated in the heart of Chicago. This place is also very safe when it comes to crime.

  • North Center

In the proximity to downtown in Chicago, North Center is regarded as a safe and secure place to reside. This is a educated part of the city having population of about 36,149 residents. This region has reported fewer crimes than other parts of the city.

  • O’Hare

Having an international airport and several corporate headquarters O’Hare is a thriving community located on North side of Chicago. It also provides a safe and secure environment.

  • Hegewisch

Hegewisch is a neighborhood for working class, it is situated in the south side of Chicago. The crime rates in this region are lower than other similar neighborhood. It has much safer environment than other working-class neighborhood because the number of reported crimes in 2022 stands at 757.

  • Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is situated in the south of Lake View in Chicago city which is famous for its culture and tourist attraction. Crime rates of this region are 25% lower than other parts of the city.

  • Printer’s Row

In the south Chicago with a peaceful neighborhood of population approximately 4,000 a place named Printer’s Row is situated. This is a middle-class neighborhood within walking distance of various attractions. The crime is not unheard of, violent crime is not a significant concern in this area.

  • Chicago Loop

The downtown area of Chicag0 with city’s economic hub is came to be known as the Chicago loop with a population of around 40,000 consisting of well-educated and affluent part of the city. While being generally safe, it has some amount of violence and crime in this area.


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