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February 22, 2024

Family is in shock after a guy from Chicago is shot and dies shortly after turning 50

Family is in shock after a guy from Chicago is shot and dies shortly after turning 50

This past weekend, a birthday celebration in Gauge Park turned tragic when a young man was shot and murdered just a short distance from his family.
Of course, Alexis Rodriguez’s terrible death has left his family devastated. This past Saturday night, he celebrated his 23rd birthday with his family by having dinner and cake. He also blew out his birthday candles in front of loved ones.

Rodriguez’s family claims he was shot in front of the house after he had rushed outside to get a few buddies and bring them back.

“This shouldn’t have happened to him,” Erika Clara, a relative, stated. “It was a special day when we were all supposed to be celebrating.”

Rodriguez was discovered shot behind the wheel of his wrecked car outside of his house in the 5200 block of South Maplewood Avenue in Gauge Park, hours after a video of him celebrating his own birthday was filmed. A nearby hospital later received his death.

Rodriguez’s father informed us in Spanish that he was inside the home when he heard the commotion and hurried outside to see his son. After his son was shot, the vehicle he was operating crashed into parked cars. Manuel Reyes, Rodriguez’s father, was our interpreter.

“After the accident, he was outside with Alexis, and he saw he was bleeding out and he was trying to help him out,” added the interpreter. “It’s a pain he doesn’t wish on any other parent to experience.”

Rodriguez’s family reported that he left the birthday to go pick up pals and that they arrived back at the Maplewood Avenue home at 11:30 p.m.

“One of his friends came inside and said he was shot,” Clara recalled. Clara stated, “In the car, I saw him bleeding.” “It’s very hard.”

According to Chicago Police, a bullet entered the vehicle via the rear. No one else in the car sustained any injuries.

“He doesn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt him,” Rodriguez’s father’s interpreter remarked. “If he is a man, he should come forward and turn himself in.” It ended when Rodriguez turned twenty-three, leaving him heartbroken.

Rodriguez left his sister behind in Mexico and became a football player and video game enthusiast. Only this past year, in search of a better life, did he move to Chicago to live with his dad.

There haven’t been any arrests made yet. To assist with some of the expenses associated with returning Rodriguez’s body to Mexico, the family has established an online GoFundMe page.

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