Jessica Currin’s Case: Examining the Claims of Wrongful Conviction for Quincy Omar Cross and Tracing His Whereabouts Today

The burnt remains of 18-year-old Jessica Currin was discovered in Mayfield Middle School in Mayfield, Kentucky, on August 1, 2000. Her clothing and flesh were severely burned, and her pants were pulled off. Given the state of her rotting body, investigators suspected she was murdered two days before her body was discovered. Furthermore, the investigation … Read more

Man’s Death in Prison: Allegations of Assault, Tying, and Beating by Prison Gang Raise Concerns

**Warning: Sexual assault, violence, and injuries are mentioned.** An Alabama inmate’s family is seeking ‘justice’ after he died from injuries reportedly acquired while being ‘pummelling’ and ‘tortured’ by a prison gang. According to prison officials, Daniel Terry Williams was serving a one-year term in Staton Correctional Facility with 14 days till his parole when he … Read more

United Airlines Flight Diverted to SFO Amidst Potential Security Issue

A United Airlines aircraft was diverted to San Francisco on Monday evening owing to a “potential security issue,” according to an airline representative. United Flight 1909, which had taken off from Los Angeles, arrived safely at SFO at 9:30 p.m., according to an SFO duty manager. “The plane touched down safely and was met by … Read more

Teen Boy Shot at House Where Jakarah Lopez-Moore Disappeared a Year Earlier: Unraveling the Mystery

Chance Mosley, a Rochester youngster, was shot and murdered in November 2022. The approaching trial in his killing, over a year later, sheds light on a probable link or just a sad coincidence between his shooting and Jakarah Lopez-Moore’s recent abduction and death. Are their cases connected? Was her murder related? At this moment, authorities … Read more

Rocky Mountain National Park’s Electrifying Change: Cultivating a Sense of Accessibility

For tourists visiting Estes Park, Colorado, range anxiety is a thing of the past. The National Park Village, located just outside Rocky Mountain National Park, is a popular stop for visitors visiting the country’s 15th-most visited park in 2022. According to the Denver Post, businessman Jim Sloan built two electric car charging stations after purchasing … Read more

Oklahoma’s Hottest Weed Consumer is now Pittsburg County

Oklahoma's Hottest Weed Consumer is now Pittsburg County

The title of nation’s hottest cannabis market for the previous few years has gone to… Oklahoma City. Despite the fact that the western state may not seem like an obvious choice—it lacks the sheer demand for the product from New York or California, and it has a history of extremely strict drug laws—its medical marijuana … Read more

Class-action settlement: Navient student loan servicer users have until today to file claim for $28 million settlement

Student loan borrowers who used a private student loan servicer called as Navient from three states can file a claim till Monday to receive a part of a $28 million class-action settlement. When the company went bankrupt and illegally collected money from students, the Navient agreed to settle class-action lawsuits from the borrowers. TWO MAJOR … Read more

New Jersey Authorised Marijuana Consumption in Public: Since marijuana use became permitted in public, the majority of New Jerseyans have smelled the weed

New Jersey Authorised Marijuana Consumption in Public: Since marijuana use became permitted in public, the majority of New Jerseyans have smelled the weed

New Jersey became the 19th state in the US to legalize marijuana sales for recreational use on Thursday, one day after the events of “420 day.” Hundreds of people raced to already-existing medicinal dispensaries a few hours later, where the substance could now be sold to anyone over 21. Following the state’s first recreational marijuana … Read more

Food stamps: Direct payments worth up to $1,691 for November to wrap up in Delaware in 11 days

The November payments will be wrapped up by Delaware’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program within 11 days. This payment will be of worth up to $1,691. They will start distributing the payments on the second day of each month. This will be the first state in the United States having one of the longest distribution windows. … Read more

 A scam, an erroneous Trump pardon, and a “hitman”: A Florida man who manufactured a presidential pardon was sentenced in a different murder-for-hire conspiracy

 A scam, an erroneous Trump pardon, and a

More than 35 years in federal prison have been ordered for a Pinellas Beach man who, according to federal authorities, attempted to steal millions via multiple fraud schemes, produced a phoney pardon from former President Donald Trump, and attempted to hire a “hitman” to kill witnesses. In April 2022, charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, … Read more