Food stamps: Direct payments worth up to $1,691 for November to wrap up in Delaware in 11 days

The November payments will be wrapped up by Delaware’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program within 11 days. This payment will be of worth up to $1,691.

They will start distributing the payments on the second day of each month. This will be the first state in the United States having one of the longest distribution windows. The first letter of a recipient’s last name determines their issuance date.


Payments for November month will be going to be distributed between November 2 and November 24. The people who are eligible and can apply must be of 21 years or below who live with their parents.

The amount of SNAP payments in Delaware will be determined by the household size of recipients. According to, single-person households receive $281 and eight-person households receive $1,691 and in households larger than eight will be having $211 for each additional person.

The qualification for the SNAP payments will be-

  • A household’s income cannot exceed 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • A single person household cannot make more than $2,266 monthly.
  • An eight-person household cannot make more than $7,772.

The Delaware SNAP payments will be automatically uploaded on a Delaware Food First Card which is an electronic benefits transfer card. This card can be used like a credit card, but it will work only for food and nonalcoholic drinks. These funds cannot be used on luxuries of any kind, including alcohol and tobacco.

This will be created through the 1964 Food Stamp Act as one of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great society programs to improve the nutrition of impoverished people by supplementing their food costs.

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