Man’s Death in Prison: Allegations of Assault, Tying, and Beating by Prison Gang Raise Concerns

**Warning: Sexual assault, violence, and injuries are mentioned.**

An Alabama inmate’s family is seeking ‘justice’ after he died from injuries reportedly acquired while being ‘pummelling’ and ‘tortured’ by a prison gang.

According to prison officials, Daniel Terry Williams was serving a one-year term in Staton Correctional Facility with 14 days till his parole when he was discovered unconscious on October 22.

According to the Alabama Department of Corrections, Williams was discovered ‘unresponsive’ as a consequence of a “possible inmate-on-inmate assault.”

Alabama Department of Corrections Public Information Manager Kelly Windham Betts stated in a statement, “The decision was made to transfer him to an area hospital for further evaluation and treatment.”

However, the 22-year-old’s family has subsequently alleged that the prison’s warden told them it was ‘clearly a drug overdose’ and that they were not informed of William’s condition until 25 October, by which time he was ‘brain dead’ in hospital.

“And when we went to see him, he’s battered and bruised up, and you can tell wherever his hands were bound,” Taylor Bostic, Williams’ stepmom, told the Alabama Political Reporter. I mean, you can tell it’s not a drug overdose.

“And that’s when [dad Terry Williams] called the warden and demanded to know why the hell he told us his son was dying of a drug overdose when it was clearly an assault.” After that, all he could say was “it’s under investigation.”

A prisoner later told the publication that Williams, a father of two young children, had been ‘tied up, beaten, and rented out for two to three days’.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by Williams’ father’s employers for his family, “this baby was beaten, tortured, and sexually assaulted at Staton Prison by a gang of people with only 14 days until his release.”

Williams’ parents were forced to withdraw their son off life support on November 5, and he died four days later. His family is now seeking for ‘justice’.

“I will fight for justice for you Daniel, no matter what it takes, and I paid you a promise that I will not break; I promised you that I would be here for your beautiful daughter and your beautiful wife every day of my life until I see you again.”

“I take a look at Danielle.” I see you, son, and I adore you because you didn’t deserve any of this. You’re a wonderful child, and you always have been a good kid, regardless of what anyone thinks, and you have a large heart.

“You gave people hell, but you were always my world as long as your brothers and sisters were and are. You will be missed by many many people. You are too young, but please tell your nona.” I said hello and I’ll see you soon because I know in my heart you’re in a better place, but it’s still not fair for a parent to go through this to bury their child.

“I can’t say anything because I’m at a loss for words, but I know I have a beautiful granddaughter who looks just like you and whom I can see every day XOXO” I love you to the moon and back, son, and I hope to see you soon.”

Williams’ family is said to have engaged a lawyer to investigate what happened and who is to blame, in the goal of preventing it from occurring again.

According to the ADOC, “The ADOC Law Enforcement Services Division is investigating the incident.”

“We have to stop this,” Williams’ father said. If I can save a number of people’s lives. You are aware. “I’m grateful.”

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