Las Vegas teen dies after getting ambushed and fatally beaten by 15 people

In Las Vegas, a 17-year-old high school student found dead on Monday after he was beaten by a large group of peers who lead t o substantial bodily injury, which led him to being put on life support. Officers responded to the 1900 block of Searles Avenue after receiving reports about a fight on November … Read more

Class-action settlement: Deadline for CVS lidocaine customers to file claim in six days

CVS Pharmacy has reported with maximum strength Iidocaine patches, creams, roll-ons or spray products and the customers who had purchased these products can file a claim within 5 more days in a $3.8 million settlement. Customers accused CVS Pharmacy by saying that the packaging of their products was deceptive because this lead to people believe … Read more

Mexico’s First Openly Non-Binary Magistrate, Who Was Prominent LGBTQ Activist, Found Dead at Home

Jesus Ociel Baena Saucedo found dead at home this weeks who was Mexico’s first openly non-binary electoral magistrate and prominent LGBTQ activist as the multiple news reports says. The state prosecutor’s office confirmed that along with Baena Saucedo his presumed partner’s body was also found at their home in the central city of Aguascalientes which … Read more

Navigating the Unsavory Side of Arizona: Unveiling the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

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Arizona is an interesting state that has a ton to offer, but on the other hand it is important to know about the dangers of a portion of its locations. According to NeighborhoodScout, the most dangerous area in Arizona is Maryvale, a neighborhood in the southwest part of Phoenix. Maryvale has an appalling rate, reflecting … Read more

High School Exit Exams Vanish: Are U.S. Graduates College-Ready?

To the delight of some and the dismay of others, high school exit examinations are disappearing in places all throughout the country. This week, a New York advisory council suggested that the state’s century-old Regents examinations be made optional rather than mandatory for graduation. The significant shift for residents of New York coincides with an … Read more

Alleged Maine Gunman Issued Threats of Snapping 6 Days Prior to Shootings, Say Police

According to a police report acquired by ABC News, less than a week before back-to-back mass shootings in Maine last month, suspected gunman Robert Card told employees at a New Hampshire bakery that he may “snap” on them. What should have been another signal for law enforcement days before the Oct. 25 mass killings in … Read more

Driver Arrested in Clovis After Pepper Spraying and Striking Woman with Car, According to Police

Clovis police have detained a lady on suspicion of striking a woman with her car and racing away. Courtney Linder, 23, was arrested at 4 p.m. Monday following an accident near Minnewawa and 9th Street in Old Town Clovis. Linder got into an altercation with her neighbours, pepper sprayed them, and then drove away, according … Read more