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Three French Bulldogs Stolen In Washington DC: Know More Here

Three French Bulldogs Stolen In Washington DC: Know More Here

The armed individuals who are suspected of robbing three French bulldogs while their owner was out on a walk are being sought by police in Washington, D.C.

Three French Bulldogs Stolen In Washington DC: Know More Here

In the 5200 block of East Capitol Street, the victim was strolling through an alley when three suspects, all armed with handguns and rifles, leapt out of a blue minivan and approached him, according to a police report.

According to the victim, he thought the suspects were after his phone or wallet.

The victim claimed that while attempting to flee, he stumbled on a hill in the alleyway and that what happened next was the realisation of his greatest fear.

“Immediately, one of the guys with a smaller handgun grabbed my dog and brought it back to the car. It was a van kind of waiting for them. When I saw that, it kind of clicked that they were here for my dogs,” the victim told Fox 5 DC. “I didn’t even like…was comprehending what they were saying. I was just so focused on the gun, and how big it was.”

The victim added that as soon as he heard firearms pointing at him, he unbuckled the dog harness that was fastened to his waist and reported that the suspects quickly fled with the dogs.

The victim stated that he has been raising the three female dogs since they were just a few weeks old.

“It’s just like somebody literally taking a part of your family and like…taking it away. The dogs, not even the cost. Frenchies are known for being expensive, but it’s those bonds I can never recreate,” he said. “I thought I had ten years with each one of them and just like that, gone. It just kind of hurts, it sucks. It’s traumatic, like…I don’t wish this on anybody.”

The police report gives the following description of the dogs:

“Chewy” weighs roughly eighteen pounds and has brown fur.
“Coco” weighs roughly thirty pounds and has white fur.
“Buttercup” is about twenty-five pounds in weight with brown fur and spots.

The victim informed FOX 5 that he would be happy to buy the dogs back without asking any questions, indicating that it’s probable the suspects are attempting to sell them.

“If you choose not to sell me the dogs, whoever has them…they’re good dogs. They’re good, loving, friendly dogs. They’re not vicious or, like, annoying or barkers. My dogs are trained really well, good temperaments. Please provide a good home. That’s all I want for them at the end of the day,” he said.

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