Tragedy Strikes: 72-Year-Old Woman Fatally Injured in Hit-and-Run Incident in Brooklyn

On Thursday, a 72-year-old lady was murdered by a hit-and-run vehicle in Brooklyn.

Around 6 p.m., the collision occurred on Marine Avenue near 97th Street in Bay Ridge.

Surveillance footage shows her crossing the street while pulling a cart when she gets hit.

According to police, the woman died at the site.

Anthony Cozzloino, a neighbour, watched the accident on his CCTV camera.

“Saw a car coming in the other direction and thought that they would be able to make it, and somewhat like did a hesitation, and unfortunately, the driver just basically sped past the person,” he told reporters. “It’s dreadful. People are always rushing.”

The motorist accelerated away in a black vehicle.

Three individuals have been killed in the city by hit-and-run vehicles since Monday. In either of the incidents, no arrests have been made.

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