911 Call for Violent Carjacking Goes Unanswered: Woman Shocked as Police Decline Response

According to a local media source, when a Milwaukee lady tried to contact 911 earlier this month to report an ongoing carjacking, she was informed that police would not be responding to the scene.

After seeing the carjacking of an unnamed 64-year-old neighbour in the neighbor’s driveway, the woman contacted 911.

The lady, who asked to remain anonymous, reportedly stated, “And I’m telling him what’s going on, as it’s happening, and he says, ‘Well, we don’t send anybody out for that.” ABC station WISN reported the incident.

According to WISN, the criminal complaint filed against the 16-year-old kid accused of carjacking verified the woman’s claim that the 911 operator turned down her request for police to attend the ongoing theft. To report the theft in person, the two women took a car to a local police station.

“You know, the cops have apologised eight million times, but what are they going to do? The 911 caller stated, “They can’t come out if they’re not notified,” according to WISN.

In the end, the car was discovered damaged and abandoned at a crossroads close to the victim’s residence.

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