Class-action settlement: Deadline for CVS lidocaine customers to file claim in three days

Mind CVS pharmacy customers! You have three days left to enter a $3.8 million class action settlement against the organization. The settlement settled allegations that CVS misled consumers by labeling their lidocaine products as “the highest strength” when they were not.

Who is worthy?

To qualify for the settlementImage source- cvs, you may have purchased most high-strength lidocaine patches, creams, roll-ons, or shower products marked CVS Drug store between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2021 purchases , e.g., receipts or collections or.

How much money do I get?

The maximum amount you can earn is $4.50 for every single CVS lidocaine purchase. You can submit up to three claims for payment, but you cannot receive more than $4.50 per item.

How do I write the article?

To file a claim, you can visit the settlement center or call the referee at 1-888-688-9697. The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 22, 2023.

and C.V.S.

CVS denied misconduct and yet agreed to settle the matter. The organization does not take risks and does not change its brand priorities.

What is straightforward?

It’s called the money you earn at the time you write a qualifying article. Installments are due in mid-2024.

Consider the possibility that I have questions.

Assuming you have any questions regarding the arbitration process, you may contact the arbitration center or call the Hearing Officer at 1-888-688-9697.

Important data:

The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 22, 2023.
You can book the article on the website or by calling 1-888-688-9697.
You may choose to provide proof of purchase.

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