Man was thrown tragically from the BMW’s hood while attempting to apprehend auto thieves in New York

Disturbing footage obtained by the New York Post shows a man who attempted to stop burglars from taking his car being violently slain on Wednesday after he hopped on the hood of the suspects’ getaway BMW and was thrown onto the concrete.

While playing volleyball in a Queens park, 43-year-old Mauro Chimbay heard his Toyota Highlander SUV’s alarm go off while he watched a robber break through the back passenger window and take a box, according to the police.

Chimbay and a sizable crowd can be seen sprinting from East Elmhurst’s Gorman Park to thwart the car thief, who is then seen climbing into a waiting white BMW sports car being driven by a second suspect in the graphic security tape.

Chimbay leaps atop the BMW’s hood as the driver applies the gas as the gang gathers around the vehicle as the SUV alarm goes off.

In the blurry video obtain by the New York Police, Chimbay can be seen hanging to the BMW’s hood as it races away. Chimbay appears to lose his balance and collapse.

The throng erupts into loud yells as the car leaves the area, heading north on 85th Street.

Man was thrown tragically from the BMW's hood while attempting to apprehend auto thieves in New York

Chimbay died from serious head injuries, according to the NYPD, after being thrown from the car.

As Chimbay was hurled from the BMW, an eyewitness claimed he collided with a black SUV.

An eyewitness named Wilson Acosta stated, “There was a big SUV and he just crashed into it.” In an attempt to recover the item they had taken from him, he was attempting to hold the door. He basically just hit the car and flipped it when the incident happened.

It’s unknown what was taken from Chimbay’s SUV by the robbers and placed into the box.

According to Chimbay’s brother, the victim leaves behind a wife and their small daughter, as reported by the New York Post. He continued by saying that the family was in great distress.

The victim got an American citizen after leaving Ecuador about thirty years ago. He held construction and restaurant jobs.

Chimbay’s family demanded that the robbers be apprehended and prosecuted in the meanwhile. Police told the media that as of right now, no one has been taken into custody and the investigation is still ongoing.

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