This City Has Been Named The Worst City To Live In Hawaii

Makaha in Hawaii is a town which lies along the leeward coast of Oahu and long been overlooked by tourists and even many residents of the Aloha State. This is fulfilled with pristine beaches, lush rainforests and a laid-back lifestyle. Makaha is constituted with a community grappling with poverty, inequality and a host of other challenges.

Some Other Cities:

City Median Home Value Median Household Income Unemployment Rate Poverty Rate Violent Crime Rate
Makaha 500000 50000 10 30 20
Honolulu 750000 80000 5 15 10
Hilo 400000 60000 7 20 15
Kailua Kona 600000 70000 6 25 12
Lihue 550000 65000 8 22 18

A Town Facing Economic Hardship

The major issue in Makaha for the residents is its high cost, here the median home value hovers around $500,000 which is lower than the actual housing costs of Makaha. It is very difficult for many residents to afford the cost of living in their own community. Except of this there is limited job opportunities in Makaha, the unemployment rate is much higher than the state average and many residents are forced to commute to other parts of the island for work. This makes difficult for the residents to maintain a balance between their work and family life.

Poverty And Inequality Plagues The Community

The high cost of living and limited job opportunities leads to increment in the poverty rates in Makaha. The poverty rate of Makaha is over 30% which is much higher than the state average, which concludes that over one-third of the residents living in Makaha are below the poverty line and struggle to make ends meet.

Safety Concerns And Limited Amenities

Having higher poverty rates, Makaha also has a higher crime rates than other cities in Hawaii. Here the crime rate is more than double the state average, and residents often feel unsafe in their own community.

Makaha also lack many of the amenities that are taken for granted in other parts of Hawaii. There are very few grocery stores, restaurants or healthcare facilities in community and residents often have to travel long distances to access basic necessities.


The town which is overlooked is Makaha but the community needs to get attention and support. By paying attention towards the challenges of poverty, inequality, and lack of amenities, Makaha can become a more thriving and livable community for all of its residents.

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