Wrongful Death Lawsuits Emerge in Aftermath of Davenport Building Collapse

According to court filings, two more wrongful death lawsuits have been filed in connection with the May 28 partial building collapse in downtown Davenport.

Family members have filed 44-page lawsuits on behalf of Daniel Prien and Ryan Hitchcock, who died in the fall at 324 Main St. On November 15th, this was documented. Prior lawsuits relating to the collapse have been combined with the current ones.

The City of Davenport, building owner Andrew Wold and his LLCs, Select Structural Engineering, Townsend Engineering, and Bi-State Masonry, the companies hired to perform masonry work on the structure, Village Property Management, the property manager at the time of the collapse, former owner Waukee Investments, and Parkwild Properties are the same defendants as in previous cases involving building collapses.

The claims were started by Hitchcock’s uncle Scott Morehart and Prien’s daughter Nancy Frezza, who are the administrators of the victims’ estates, respectively.

The west wall of the building has “open mortar joints, spalling brick faces, and other masonry distress,” according to inspections conducted by the City of Davenport in August 2020. These findings are covered in great detail in both cases. These problems existed before the crisis. The almost exact same complaints go on to include a tonne of photos and claims that the defendants’ misconduct led to the premature deaths of Laurence Prien and Alfred Hitchcock. Eleven remedy claims are included in each complaint, and a jury trial is requested on all matters related to the claims stated in the lawsuits.


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