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February 23, 2024

3 teens plead guilty to killing New Orleans woman during carjacking that dismembered her

image source- true crime

Three teenagers from New Orleans have pleaded guilty to hitting a 34-year-old woman during a carjacking that left her with a gash. The person in question, Michelle Hadley, was found dead in a ditch in May 2022, and was recently seen leaving her home.

The three defendants, who were 16 and 17 at the time of the offences, admitted killing Hadley during the carjacking. They said they beat him with a tire iron and then dumped his body in an abandoned building.

image source- true crime
Orleans News

The appeal comes as part of an arrangement with investigators, who have agreed to recommend a sentence of life without the possibility of one defendant being granted allowed and reduced to 20 years in prison for the other two.

Hadley’s family has communicated the support the lawsuit has taken, however, they say they will always remember the extent of his loss.

“We’re happy that their roles give us a sense of ownership,” Hadley’s sister, Monica Hadley, said in the announcement. “However, nothing will really bring Michelle back.”

Monica Hadley said her sister was a caring and caring person who was often there for her loved ones. He was also an accomplished sculptor and painter.

“He grabbed us right away,” Monica Hadley said. “We will continue to remember him.”

The defendants are scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 24.

Impact on the community

Michelle Hadley’s murder stunned the New Orleans crowd. The cruelty of the sins committed and the youthfulness of the perpetrators were troubled. The incident also raised concerns about the growing issue of car theft in the city.

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