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February 23, 2024

A Business Owner In San Francisco Criticizes The Mayor For Downplaying Homelessness And Criminality, Saying, “Poop Everywhere Again”

A Business Owner In San Francisco Criticizes The Mayor For Downplaying Homelessness And Criminality, Saying,

A business owner in San Francisco took issue with Mayor London Breed’s dismissal of homelessness and crime after the city organised a makeshift cleanup operation last week in anticipation of the much-awaited APEC conference.

Tom Wong, a longtime resident of San Francisco, stated on “FOX & Friends First” that the city had reverted to its previous state, which included homelessness, drugs, and violence, in less than a day.

A Business Owner In San Francisco Criticizes The Mayor For Downplaying Homelessness And Criminality, Saying,

“It’s horrible. I just drove through the Tenderloin, and it is just a lot of drug heads, drug dealers, and they’re all out, they’re all out in the neighbourhood,” Wong told co-host Todd Piro Tuesday. “It’s less than 24 hours, and it’s back to the same thing.”

“It is crime-ridden… drugs everywhere. There are needles everywhere. There’s poop everywhere again,” he continued.

Governor Gavin Newsom acknowledged that the significant gathering between President Biden and Chinese President Xi last week was the reason the city was cleaned up.

“I understand that some people are thinking, ‘Oh, they’re just tidying up this place in preparation for the arrival of all those elite leaders.'” “It’s accurate, as it is accurate,” Newsom remarked during the introduction of a fresh drive to plant trees in urban areas as a component of his Clean California project, which was initiated in 2021.

He added, “It’s also true for months and months and months before APEC, we’ve been having different conversations, and we’ve raised the bar of expectation between the city, the county, and the state and our federal partners.”

Wong contended that San Francisco reverted to its former state soon after the visit, despite the attempts to purge the city of narcotics and criminality ahead of the U.S.-China meeting.

But over the weekend, Breed reiterated his assertions that the city’s crime rates had decreased recently—a claim that detractors categorically reject as citizens and companies leave.

“When you look at the data of what is happening with our crime numbers over the past five years, they are showing a decline, especially with car break-ins, burglaries, and other challenges that people are talking about,” Breed said during ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

“And in comparison to other U.S. cities, San Francisco is really at the bottom,” she continued. “So I get that people feel that there are problems and there are concerns. They see the viral videos, and they think, ‘Oh, what’s going on in San Francisco?'”

The San Francisco Police Department reports that when compared to data from the previous year, robberies have increased by 12.5%, auto theft has increased by 7.5%, and killings have increased by 2.1%.

“She has to own up to her failure,” Wong said. “The Democratic policies really don’t work. 80% of San Franciscans really don’t like what’s going on, and they really want a change, and she’s not listening. I don’t know what she’s getting her stats from, but she’s lying to the people. It’s not true. We are suffering here. We’re continuing to suffer.”

Breed and other politicians must once again “own up to their failed policies” that have beset the once-beautiful city, according to Wong.

“It’s just a shell game,” Wong said. “Hide the homeless. The dignitaries are here, and when the cameras are on, hide it, pan all to the left, so you don’t see all the deplorable state that the city’s in, and when they’re gone… it’s still here.”

“They just need to own up to their failed policies, and we want something that will fix our homelessness, our crime issue, our drug issues,” he stressed.

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