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February 29, 2024

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

Florida is known for its beaches, theme parks, and culture. But some parts of the state need help with safety. While Florida overall has less crime than the country on average, some cities struggle to keep people safe. To give a real picture of safety now in Florida, here are the 10 most dangerous cities based on crime numbers and what experts say.

The cities on this list have work to do to protect residents and visitors. But Florida remains a beautiful place to live and visit. I hope focusing on these issues can lead to positive change.

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

Lake City : A City Grappling with Socioeconomic Challenges

Lake City is a small town in north-central Florida. It has some problems with its economy and not a lot for people to do. A lot of people don’t have jobs or money, so crime is higher there than other places.

Riviera Beach : A Coastal City with Safety Concerns

Some parts of Riviera Beach, a city by the ocean in Palm Beach County, Florida, aren’t very safe. Places where people don’t have a lot of money often have more problems with crime, drugs, and gangs.

Cocoa : A City Facing Urban Challenges

The city of Cocoa in Brevard County, Florida has some problems that lead to crime. Places there have more small crimes like stealing things if they get the chance, or crimes about drugs. These things happen more in some areas, especially at night.

Florida City : A City with Pockets of Crime

Some parts of Florida City, near Miami, have more crime than others. The areas with lower incomes have some problems. Things like theft, drugs, and sometimes fights are issues there. Property theft and drug crimes happen more often in those neighborhoods.

Lake Worth : A City with Pockets of Crime

Some parts of Lake Worth, which is a city in Palm Beach County, deal with more crime than others. The areas with lower incomes face property crimes like theft. Drug crimes also happen there sometimes.

Daytona Beach : A City Facing Tourism-Related Crime

Daytona Beach is a really popular tourist spot. But with so many people visiting, it can be hard to keep everyone safe. Sometimes during the busy times of year, there are more problems like street crime, stealing things if people leave them unattended, and fights breaking out.

Fort Lauderdale : A City with Urban Challenges

Fort Lauderdale has problems with crime because it’s a big city. Some parts of town, especially at night, see more things like street crime, stealing stuff if you get a chance, and drug crimes. The city has issues it needs to work on.

Lauderhill : A City Facing Economic Strains

Lauderhill is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. It’s having a tough time economically. There also aren’t many fun things for people, especially kids and teens, to do. Because of this, crime has been going up. Young people seem to be involved in a lot of it.

Orlando : A City with Pockets of Crime

Orlando has some areas with crime issues due to lower incomes. Places may see things like theft, drugs, and fights. Safety can be a concern in neighborhoods that have economic struggles.

Tallahassee : A City with Pockets of Crime

Tallahassee has some rough parts. Being the capital of Florida, it has neighborhoods with more crime due to lower incomes. Things like theft, drugs, and fights happen sometimes in those areas. Overall safety is still okay if you use common sense.

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