Murphy Hokey Law

February 23, 2024

5 Most Expensive Steam Trading Cards

For gamers, Steam trading cards are similar to digital collectibles. You can obtain them by either playing games or purchasing them. Some of these cards are extremely valuable and can be quite expensive.
If you want to make some extra money by selling your Steam cards, keep in mind that most of them will not fetch a high price. In fact, it’s not uncommon to trade in an entire collection for less than a dollar.
Let’s take a look around the exciting world of Steam trading cards and see which ones are the most expensive!\

Steam Trading Cards

Red Trigger

A digital card known as the Red Trigger Gun is usually worth less than a penny. However, someone is selling it for a whopping $1,921.38! We’re not sure why it’s so expensive, but it’s fascinating that a card that can be obtained for free in a game is now worth so much money.


The Lorelai card is like a product where every unit is the same. Surprisingly, it’s worth $1,950.18, making it the most expensive trading card on Steam. You can’t see each card separately, but you can tell Steam the price you want to pay. If someone is selling at that price, you’ll get the cheapest one available.

Cloud Hound

Cloud Hound is an older card we’re talking about, and it comes from a puzzle game called So Many Me. When you play So Many Me, you’ll encounter lots of unique creatures, like the one you see on this card.

Ruby Acee

This card can be obtained in the game Bean: The Coffee Shop. Ruby Acee, the game’s protagonist, enjoys a lot of coffee. The game is not only entertaining, but also requires some dexterity. What makes it even better is the chance to obtain a Ruby Acee Card. You can keep it for yourself, make it into a badge, or sell it for nearly $2,000 on the Steam Market Place. Despite its rarity, having this card is very appealing.

Fast Destroyer

This is one of the more popular really expensive foil trading cards on Steam. It’s associated with the tank-themed game Infinite Tanks. The game is rich in detail, especially for tank fans who enjoy the fighting system.

This card is quite expensive, owing to the difficulty of completing tasks in crowded environments such as those found in Infinite Tanks. Even though it was sold for $1 the last time, it is sometimes listed for much higher prices, such as $1,605. However, it is not particularly valuable.

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