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February 29, 2024

direct payments worth up to $4,555 arrives in 20 days

The first wave of Social Security payments of December of worth up to $4,555 is expected to be received by the retired seniors, who retire at 70 in a little less than three weeks.

The retired people who were born between 1st and 10th day of month will be getting their payment on December 13, Wednesday and the retires person who were born between 11th and 31st day of the month will receive their checks in one of the later payments.


The amount of Social Security payment to every individual varies on the basis of age and this variation will be following-

  • People retire at age of 62 will be the youngest age of seniors who got retired and going to receive payment of worth up to $2,572 per month.
  • Those who got retired at 70 will be going to receive amount up to $4,555 per month.
  • Those who got retired at age of 76, will be going to receive the payment of up to $3,627 per month.

The payment will be going to sent by the Social Security Administration in three disbursements every month, that is second, third and fourth Wednesdays. The SSA’s calculator will show the personalised estimates of what the beneficiaries expect each month.

The regular retirement checks are going to be distributed on different schedule and this makes it different from other payments given by the SSA.

These monthly payments will get rise by 3.2% in 2024 due to program’s annual adjustments based on inflation, according to SSA. The increase would be applicable to other payments too which are paid by the SSA such as retirement and disability pay.

This program is not uncertain and is at risk due to insolvency which is going to be happen in 2034 as predicted by the analysts and this change would not affect the beneficiaries who are already on Social Security.

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