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February 23, 2024

Maryland roommates claimed that police gunpointed them and shot their dog for no reason

In Maryland, roommates claimed that three police officers had entered illegally into their apartment and detained them by pointing a gun without any justification and unnecessarily shot their pet dog named Hennessey which was left paralyzed and after sometime got euthanized.

As the lawsuit reported they seeks at least $16 million for the damages that occurred on the June 2,2021 encounter. The reason behind that encounter was about a dog who bite at an apartment complex where the four plaintiffs lived. What next happened was recorded by on police body camera and video from a plaintiff’s cellphone.

After reporting the biting incident, two officers went plaintiff’s apartment for the investigation but when they knocked at the door nobody opened. After this they got the master key of the apartment from the maintenance worker. As soon as the two officers entered the apartment with guns, third one also arrived.

When the officers entered the apartment, two plaintiff’s were in their bedroom and one of them yelled at them by saying you have no right to enter there. But one of the officers said that they did not need a warrant for this as they have a probable cause for this.

According to the lawsuit, when a dog followed one of the plaintiff from the bedroom, officers got panicked and shot the dog. After shooting all the roommates got handcuffed by the officers and they left them in the vehicle for roughly one hour before releasing them from custody.

The plaintiffs- Umana, Erica Erazo Sanchez, Dayri Amaya Benitez and Brandon Cuevas are suing the county and the three officers. The dog’s owner named Umana said that she was begging to help her wounded dog but nobody responded at that time.

After investigating all the evidences, office concluded that officers were not done anything due to criminal liability but it was their good faith. The county office also offered Umana to compensate her loss but she rejected the offer, according to lawsuit.Police and County officials did not responded immediately to the allegations by suit which says that this incident is another example of Prince George’s County to be failed and biased, to which County leadership has continually turned a blind eye.

The suit says that those 3 officers were on administrative leave and they have no right to investigate the incident or no right to enter into apartment without warrant, but the third officers was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The officers were accused by the suits for using excessive force, falsely arresting the plaintiffs and violating their constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizures.

This kind of incident happening blows mind of everyone as said  by Murphy. It is in the DNA of founding of America that nobody can perform such act.

Malcolm Ruff, an attorney who represents the plaintiffs in Monday’s lawsuit said that because of the history of how Prince George’s County has handled this kind of misconduct for decades.

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