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February 23, 2024

Woman From San Francisco Who Was Stabbed By Cash App Founder Faces Charges Of DUI And Hit-And-Run

Woman From San Francisco Who Was Stabbed By Cash App Founder Faces Charges Of DUI And Hit-And-Run

The San Francisco resident who is thought to have gone out with Cash App inventor Bob Lee the night before he passed away at her opulent Millennium Tower apartment has been detained on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run.

Woman From San Francisco Who Was Stabbed By Cash App Founder Faces Charges Of DUI And Hit-And-Run

According to San Francisco Police, Khazar Momeni, the wife of plastic surgeon Dino Elyassnia, crashed her car just after 11 a.m. on Monday near the intersection of Geary and Larkin Streets in the Tenderloin District. Her brother is accused of being involved in Lee’s death.

According to the responding police, they have sufficient evidence to accuse her of driving while intoxicated.

According to San Francisco Police, they also filed two hit-and-run charges and charged her with not supplying proof of insurance and not staying in her lane of travel.

Despite responding officers detaining Momeni, 38, a department representative refrained from commenting further due to the ongoing investigation and did not offer details of the hit-and-run charges. She hasn’t shown up in court yet, but she posted a bond earlier this week.

Messages asking for comment were not immediately answered by her attorneys.

Today’s court appearance for her brother, Silicon Valley outsourcing entrepreneur Nima Momeni, is related to the April stabbing of Lee. Following the release of surveillance footage showing the man stammering along a sidewalk, grasping at his wounds and pleading with onlookers for assistance before collapsing outside a hotel lobby in the seaside Rincon Hill neighbourhood, the stabbing shocked the community.

Nima Momeni allegedly took Lee out of his sister’s apartment building, drove him to a parking lot, and stabbed him while the Miami transplant was visiting for business, according to the office of San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

To the murder charges, Nima Momeni has entered a not-guilty plea.

Police claim that the knife used in the alleged murder was found in Khazar Momeni’s kitchen and was contaminated with both Nima Momeni’s and Lee’s DNA.

According to court filings, Lee and Khazar Momeni’s text messages were found by investigators.

She allegedly informed the tech giant that after her brother “came wayyyyyy down hard” on him, he “handled himself with class” in one discussion.

“[Momeni] drove [Lee] to a dark and secluded area in the opposite direction of his hotel,” the filing alleges. “We know through a text message from Defendant’s sister to Victim, that Defendant was previously upset with Victim.”

Lee was drinking with his accused killer’s sister the afternoon before he was killed, a witness told police, and the two may have had a “intimate relationship,” according to the affidavit.

“Female was married, but the relationship had possibly been in jeopardy,” it states.

Momeni was questioning Lee in his hotel room the night of the murder, according to the witness, about “whether his sister was doing drugs or anything inappropriate.”

The witness claimed that Lee attempted to allay Momeni’s worries before departing his hotel room after midnight.

The witness told police that he sought out the sister when Lee was still away the next morning. The sister said that Lee had visited her that evening “for a second.”

According to the complaint, “she fell asleep and didn’t know when he left.”

Lee had two children.

In May, a Wall Street Journal article said that Lee and Khazar Momeni used drugs and had casual intercourse while travelling in the same social circles. The article also described her brother as an outsider who hangs out with the gang.

The accusations have been refuted by Khazar Momeni’s lawyers and Lee’s allies. A member of the Lee family told Fox News Digital that the assertions were “highly inaccurate,” but he declined to go further.

According to Lee’s autopsy, he had levocetirizine, an anti-allergy medication, cocaine, ketamine, and alcohol in his system when he passed away. The Mayo Clinic states that this medication may interact negatively with ketamine and alcohol.

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