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February 29, 2024

Neighbor Who Acted As A “Jealous Boyfriend” Drags An Indiana Teen Girl To Death

Neighbor Who Acted As A

Valerie Tindall, 17, of Indiana, went missing and was discovered after almost six months of searching. She was hiding inside a handcrafted box on her landscaper employer’s property next door, only a hundred yards from her terrified parents’ front door.

Neighbor Who Acted As A

Following the discovery of the girl’s body on Tuesday night, Patrick Scott was arrested and charged with murder. He was also placed in the Rush County Jail.

The cause of Tindall’s death is still unknown, according to the Rush County Sheriff’s Department. The coroner for the county confirmed on Thursday that the remains were Tindall’s, according to WTTV.

According to court records that Fox News Digital was able to get, Scott is also charged with obstruction of justice and false informing in connection with past false statements he made to the police.

According to the court records, on June 7, Scott admitted to the police that he had strangled her in his home’s bedroom with a belt—a belt he had continued to wear afterwards.

“I put it around her neck and I held onto it until she quit,” Scott allegedly told police.

According to court documents, the suspected killer told investigators that Tindall had attempted to entice and blackmail him into purchasing a new car for her.

It “just kind of happened,” he claimed. In response to a question from the police about whether he “hated” the girl, he said that they were cordial and that they went shopping and out to dinner together when they weren’t working.

Scott was reportedly questioned if he was bothered by the murder he had committed and responded, “I’m not too crazy about it.”

It is said that he buried Tindall in a box made out of strand boards and two-by-fours. He admitted to the police that he kept Tindall’s body in his office prior to building the box.

According to court filings, when more than forty agents stormed Scott’s Arlington residence on Tuesday, some of them “instantly” noticed orange-painted fingernails on Tindall’s body, matching the colour she was wearing in her final social media post from June 7, the day she was last seen.

It was stated that several documents and VHS tapes were hidden in a second box. What was written in these manuscripts is unknown. Since July, Scott admitted to the police, he had been “putting s— in” the box.

Records discovered by sheriff’s department investigators indicate that Scott bought the boards on June 7 at a Greenfield Home Depot.

The youngster and her family trusted Scott, who hired Tindall to cut lawns for his landscaping company throughout the summer.

“She and him had a bond – they were friends,” Tindall’s mother, Shena Sandefur, told WRTV-TV. “She worked for him, but she also hung out with his family. His granddaughter was her friend, and we went places with them.”

But Sandefur revealed to FOX 59 that she started to get uncomfortable with the manner the older man was handling her kid.

Scott, according to Sandefur, behaved like a “jealous boyfriend” and even monitored the teenager’s phone. But because Scott was her supervisor, Tindall claimed she saw nothing improper with the relationship.

Before she disappeared on June 7, Tindall’s mother informed the outlet that someone else had heard Scott tell her he was taking her to Indianapolis for lunch “someplace special” on June 7.

Later on, her abandoned car was discovered parked in Shelbyville. According to FOX 59, Scott, who had been observed operating the vehicle, informed authorities that he had moved the automobile for the girl prior to her boarding his lawn care truck.

When he dropped Tindall off in Homer, about five miles away from their neighbourhood, he said at the time, she got into a car with an unidentified man. According to FOX59, Scott has previously faced charges of false reporting after providing investigators with contradictory accounts.

Scott was seen in the early hours of the morning demolishing and setting fire to his garage, not long after Tindall vanished. According to Fox 59, the box containing the teen’s remains was discovered among the garage’s debris.

According to court records, police used cadaver dogs to examine Scott’s property on October 11. The animals at the man’s pond supposedly indicated the existence of human remains, but no bones were found. Later, dog handlers advised police that the scent may have been blown to the pond by the wind because water is known to hold scent, according to WTTV.

According to the police report that the outlet read, on that particular day, the wind was coming from the direction of the garage that had burned down.

“Obvious ground disturbance” was also noted on a flyover of the property conducted on Oct. 12, per the outlet.

The sheriff’s office would to tell FOX 59 if the search of Scott’s property on Tuesday was the result of fresh information or tips. Press Time found Fox News Digital unable to get in touch with the office for comment.

According to court documents, Scott informed police that his wife and daughter “don’t know nothing” about his admitted murder of Tindall after being taken into custody on Tuesday.

In an interview with FOX 59 on Wednesday, Sandefur bemoaned the choice she and her daughter made to relocate from Indianapolis to rural Arlington to “get away from violence” in the bigger city.

“[But] we moved across the street from her predator,” Sandefur told the outlet.

The mother described her daughter to the source as a “sweet kid” and a “really good person” who had gone through hardship at an early age.

“She worked hard to get her grades up, she was gonna go to college, she was accepted and now she’ll never have the chance,” Sandefur said. “I wanted to get her help and she wouldn’t and I think [Scott] took advantage of that.”

Despite Scott’s imprisonment, Rush County Sheriff Allan Rice stated that the case is “far from over.” To obtain information for the man’s prosecution, investigators are still searching his property.

According to reports, the agency is still looking for information from members of the public and anyone who may have seen the girl in Shelbyville on June 7 with an older guy.

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