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February 23, 2024

“No Discernible Public Or Private Good” Is The Reason Behind Banning Ski Masks In Philadelphia

No Discernible Public Or Private Good

Philadelphia outlawed ski masks and other facial coverings on Thursday, citing the fact that suspects wearing them had been implicated in the majority of the city’s crimes.

No Discernible Public Or Private Good

Despite some opposition, the vote succeeded 13-2, according to FOX 29.

Councilmember Anthony Phillips stated, “We must send a message that masks are of no discernible public or private good when they just create fear and anxiety.”

It is now illegal for anyone to wear a ski mask in a park, a school, or on public transit. Anyone found wearing a ski mask faces a $250 fine, or $2,000 if they are found to have committed a crime.

Certain exceptions are permitted by law for religious reasons.

Law enforcement has largely supported it. Critics, like the ACLU, contend that it might infringe upon the right to free speech and unfairly single out young people.

Mayor James Kenney will now sign the law, which is now headed to his desk.

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