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February 29, 2024

US Prisoner Charged with Attempted Murder over Stabbing of Derek Chauvin

A detainee at a government jail in Arizona has been accused of endeavored murder after he purportedly cut previous Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin in the chest.

Derek Chauvin, a previous Minneapolis cop, was sentenced in 2021 for killing George Floyd, a Person of color, by stooping on his neck for north of nine minutes. Floyd’s demise ignited challenges to police fierceness and racial treachery across the US and the world. Chauvin is as of now carrying out a 22-year punishment in government jail.

The Assault

On November 24, 2023, Chauvin was wounded on various occasions in the chest by John Turscak, an individual prisoner at the Government Remedial Establishment in Tucson, Arizona. Turscak, who is carrying out a 30-year punishment for racketeering and different offenses, has been accused of endeavored murder.

Investigators say that Turscak went after Chauvin because he was furious about Floyd’s homicide. In a government grumbling, examiners claim that Turscak let specialists know that he had been pondering going after Chauvin for about a month and that he would have killed him on the off chance that prison guards had not answered so rapidly.

Chauvin was taken to a neighborhood medical clinic for therapy yet is supposed to make a full recuperation. Turscak is at present in isolation at the jail and is anticipating preliminary.


The assault on Chauvin has been met with blended responses. Certain individuals have communicated compassion toward Chauvin, while others have said that he should have been gone after. The assault has additionally restored calls for jail change.

Jail change advocates say that the assault is an indication that detainment facilities are undependable for detainees or staff. They contend that penitentiaries should be more conscious and that prisoners should be treated with pride.

It is hazy what the result of Turscak’s preliminary will be. Be that as it may, the assault on Chauvin is certain to lastingly affect the discussion over jail change.

Notwithstanding the endeavored murder accusation, Turscak is likewise having to deal with penalties of attack with a lethal weapon and ownership of a weapon in jail. Whenever sentenced for all charges, Turscak could confront life in jail.

The assault on Chauvin is a sign of the risks of savagery in penitentiaries. It is likewise a sign of the profound divisions in American culture over race and equity.

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