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February 29, 2024

Atlanta’s Proposed Ski Mask Ban Is Not Approved By The City Council

Atlanta's Proposed Ski Mask Ban Is Not Approved By The City Council

On Monday, a proposed ski mask ban in Atlanta was unable to pass a legislative obstacle because it was not approved by a city council committee.

Atlantas Proposed Ski Mask Ban Is Not Approved By The City Council

According to FOX 5, District 12 City Councilman Antonio Lewis proposed a ban on the wearing of ski masks and hoods in public areas.

Residents of Atlanta spoke out against the plan in front of the City Council Public Safety Committee.

“The fact that any one of you took this proposal seriously is pathetic,” one resident told the city council committee.

“I want to see systemic solutions that keep Atlanta residents safe, and this mask ordinance is not it … If they’re committed to doing a crime, a mask ordinance is not going to stop them from doing that crime,” said another resident.

“I see this as a new way into ‘stop and frisk.’ It’s a new way to be stopped,” a woman said during the meeting.

But one local didn’t get why there was resistance.

“I think it’s absolutely absurd that there’s objection to this bill. I want to walk around in public and feel safe,” a resident said.

Lewis said the idea was to assist law enforcement in identifying offenders who frequently conceal their identities with ski masks or other facial coverings.

“I have a nephew whose mother was approached while she was in the store and was told ‘I’m gonna kill your son’ … and he had on a mask,” Lewis said.

Lewis stated that he intends to revive the idea with modifications, such concentrating solely on ski masks.

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