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February 29, 2024

Donald Trump, according to Megyn Kelly, is becoming less’mentally bright’ and more confused than he was

Donald Trump, according to Megyn Kelly, is becoming less'mentally bright' and more confused than he was

Key Highlights

  • Megyn Kelly commented on the age and cognitive abilities of Donald Trump.
  • She claimed that he is becoming less “mentally sharp” and more confused than before.
  • Kelly claimed that Biden and Trump, who will probably square off in 2024, are both “too old.”

Megyn Kelly, a former anchor for Fox News, claimed that former President Donald Trump had lost some of his “mentally sharp”ness.

Kelly stated, “There’s no question that Trump has lost a step or multiple steps,” to Glenn Beck, a conservative pundit, on Friday. “He thinks Obama is Joe Biden. I am aware that he is now claiming that was his deliberate action, but watch the clips again and see that it wasn’t.”

His errors include “repeatedly,” she said, “confusing countries, confusing cities where he is.”

“This is what happens when you’re seventy-seven years old, no offence to Donald Trump. Although he doesn’t seem human, Trump is not. He’s a person. He is a male.

Rivals for the presidential nomination are also testing Trump’s mental stamina. Kelly brought up a comment made by DeSantis criticising Trump, stating, “Father Time spares no one.”

Trump did not attend News Nation’s fourth Republican primary debate on Wednesday, which Kelly moderated.

Kelly told Beck that she thought the Republican party needed a “undercard” in case Trump is imprisoned or cannot run because of his unresolved legal difficulties.

She also discussed how some Republicans believe that President Joe Biden and Donald Trump are “too old” and “not as fit as we would like them to be.”

“Look, I don’t think there’s a doubt about who’s more capable and fit between Trump and Biden. However, are we truly going to act as though Donald Trump is still as energetic and intelligent as he was in 2016?”

Just after midnight on Friday, Trump commented on the GOP debate in a post on Social Media, claiming that “the biggest loser was Megyn Kelly.”

“How in the world did she get hurt? “What little she had, when she had it, she lost,” he wrote.

It’s unclear if Trump was reacting to what she said about him or to the way she moderated the discussion in general.

The media’s obsession with 80-year-old Joe Biden’s mental clarity coincides with Trump’s utter missteps. In May, a poll found that only thirty-two percent of participants thought Biden’s “mental sharpness” was sufficient for the White House.

According to reports, Biden’s team has redirected attention onto Trump’s cognitive ability on social media.

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