300 Attendees Addressed St. Paul’s Rising Crime in Homes and Businesses

The gathering, which featured residents irately confronting their local authorities and police over St. Paul’s rising crime, drew about 300 attendees.

300 Attendees Addressed St. Paul's Rising Crime in Homes and Businesses
300 Attendees Addressed St. Paul’s Rising Crime in Homes and Businesses

St. Paul’s Rising Crime in Homes and Businesses

During a town hall on Monday, residents of St. Paul’s Lowertown neighborhood expressed their concerns about the St. Paul’s rising crime affecting their residences and places of business.

On Sunday, KSTP also spoke with local business owners who expressed their annoyance at how St. Paul’s rising crime and public drug use were hurting their establishments. Owner of the Lost Fox Restaurant Annie Rose spoke about a recent incident in which she was hurt while attempting to ask a belligerent patron to leave.

In response to their concerns, St. Paul Police Central District Cmdr. Jesse Mollner stated that despite limited staff, they are doing their best to lessen St. Paul’s rising crime.

Slow Response to St. Paul’s Rising Crime because of Limited Staff?

Approximately an hour’s drive from St. Paul in Goodhue, Minnesota, the entire police force quit, prompting the town hall. Josh Smith the police chief reported to the city’s authorities that he had trouble recruiting new officers.

Smith also explained why the police department was struggling to attract new officers, it is because of low pay and competition from larger municipalities. Something must change dramatically and drastically if they want to lessen the St. Paul’s rising crime.

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