32 People Were Found Guilty of Child Sex Trafficking; Five Minors Were Saved

Five kids were reportedly saved from a child sex trafficking ring in the Phoenix region as part of an annual nationwide sting, according to the FBI. One alleged trafficker was arrested after being accused of harboring five kids. Agents also detained 31 adults who allegedly tried to have sex with minors nearby the Valley during the operation.

32 People Were Found Guilty of Child Sex Trafficking; Five Minors Were Saved
32 People Were Found Guilty of Child Sex Trafficking; Five Minors Were Saved

32 Suspects in Child Sex Trafficking Were Arrested

Five minors were found, according to a news statement from the agents, who also stated they detained one alleged trafficker. Agents also detained 31 person during the operation who had allegedly sought to have sex with minors nearby in the Valley. These sting operations, which focus on identifying and locating child sex trafficking victims and human traffickers, are carried out, according to the FBI, in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies.

Child sex trafficking victims are among the most helpless people in society, according to FBI Phoenix Public Affairs Officer Kevin Smith, who spoke with KTAR News. It would do them unimaginable pain. Those who are victims of these crimes are permanently damaged and most of them are minors.

Everyday of the year, child sex trafficking and human trafficking occurs. That is why officers are on duty constantly. Officers carry out these operations and visit locations where this kind of activity is known to occur day, night or throughout the middle of the day.

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Child Sex Trafficking is Rampant in the US

In 2022, they found more than 200 victims in the Phoenix area over the course of two weeks, including 17 adult victims. The agency reported that it detained four traffickers and assisted in the recovery of 19 missing children in Atlanta region. A total of 391 operations were carried out around the country, leading to the discovery of 84 minors, at least 15 of whom were from Arizona, AZFamily Digital News Staff reported.

Recently, throughout the country, 126 persons were detained on suspicion of sexual exploitation, 68 were detained on suspicion of trafficking, and 59 minors were located and saved. A total of 195 suspects in case of human trafficking or child sex trafficking were arrested, according to the news release of Yahoo News.

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