$399 Cost for Alzheimer’s Blood Test in America: Check this out!

A $13 physician service fee is added to the $399 cost of the Alzheimer’s blood test itself.

$399 Cost for Alzheimer's Blood Test in America: Check this out!
$399 Cost for Alzheimer’s Blood Test in America: Check this out!

Alzheimer’s Blood Test in America

Early detection and care are essential given that the disease presently affects more than 6 million Americans, and that figure is expected to increase to roughly 13 million by 2050. Alzheimer’s blood test may improve the precision and practicality of diagnosing and monitoring Alzheimer’s disease.

The clinical AD-Detect Amyloid Beta 42/40 Ratio test from Quest Diagnostics an analytically validated Alzheimer’s blood test that assists in determining the risk of Alzheimer’s disease was introduced for physician ordering in early 2022. This new consumer initiated Alzheimer’s blood test makes use of the same expertise and technology.

The ordering of tests and distribution of Alzheimer’s blood test results is handled by a network of independent doctors. People must make an appointment for a blood draw at a Quest Diagnostics patient service location after ordering the test online. The Alzheimer’s blood test itself costs $399, plus a $13 physician service fee, according to the business website. Additionally, a doctor from the independent network will get in touch with patients whose results point to a possible risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological ailment where memory and cognitive abilities deteriorate due to the death of brain cells. Although there is no treatment at the moment, there are methods for supporting a person through medication and other techniques. It accounts for between 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases in the US, making it the most prevalent type of dementia. Only 10% of instances occur in those under the age of 65, with the ailment typically affecting those 65 and older.

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