44-year-old Michigan Man: Ordered To Serve A Sentence After Indicted Guilty Of Dismembering Neighbor’s Pet

The Michigan Man Thomas Middaugh Ordered to  Serve A Sentence

Michigan Man Thomas Middaugh Ordered to Serve A Sentence(Photo: Law and Crime)

In the 84th District Court, Thomas Middaugh, 43, a Michigan man, is accused of third-degree animal death and torture, a felony that carries a maximum four-year prison sentence.

After pleading guilty, a Michigan man who in February fatally shot his neighbor’s dog and then severed its head and legs received his punishment on Monday. According to court records from the 28th Circuit Court, Wexford County, the Michigan man, Thomas Middaugh, 44, was given a sentence of 60 days in jail with two days credit and two years of probation. Based on the local news station WPBN-TV, the Michigan man had earlier entered a guilty plea on May 31 to a third-degree crime of attempting to kill or abuse animals.

Judge Jason Elmore, who handed down the punishment, was concerned that Middaugh had “cut off the dog’s legs and decapitated him and I can’t find anywhere where that makes sense,” the source said. Justin and Samantha Olds were there for the hearing where the Michigan man reportedly said he wanted to “apologize for the whole situation.”

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The Olds claimed that on February 4, in Wexford Township, their seven-year-old dog named Bear was slain by the Michigan man, according to a news release from the Michigan State Police from March. The black Labrador retriever “wandered off the property” the day before, the couple told the police. Based on the press release, the Olds traced their dog’s footprints to a pool of blood in the snow at a neighboring property owned by the Michigan man, where there were also tire prints leading up to where the dog had been.

Michigan Man Cut The Head and Legs Off The Dog

According to the Michigan State Police, the Michigan man repeatedly shot Bear with a 22-caliber rifle before he “cut the head and legs off the dog, wrapped it in a tarp, and placed it in a box that he concealed in his barn.” The Traverse City Record Eagle was informed by the Olds that Bear was a lovable family pet.

They also pointed out that the dog was wearing his collar and identification tags, showing that he belonged to their family, making it against the law for the Michigan man to harm the animal unless it was preying on livestock on his property. According to the Olds, Bear was not mowing down any animals.

Posted on Law and Crime, after the Michigan man was sentenced, Samantha Olds told WPBN-TV, “Sixty days is better than nothing in our eyes.” “Nothing will ever feel like enough, but it was something,” the speaker said.


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