$47,000 Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery Prize Nears Expiry, Urging Players to Check Tickets

As Labor Day approaches, an urgent reminder echoes for all avid players of the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery.

Deadline Approaches for $47,000 Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery Prize

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A Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery winning ticket, worth a substantial $47,331.18, purchased from a Chevron station in Oakland Park, Broward County, is on the brink of expiring. With just a few days left until the looming deadline, players are encouraged to scour their wallets, purses, and glove compartments for any hidden Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery treasures. The clock is ticking for this unclaimed windfall, as the unclaimed prize is set to return to the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery prize pool if left unchecked. The Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery alerts players that their fortunes could slip away if they fail to claim the prize by midnight EST on Monday, September 4. This impending expiration has put a spotlight on the urgency of checking those Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery tickets, as each unclaimed dollar diminishes the chance for someone to realize their dream come true.

Holders of Unclaimed Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery Tickets Urged to Check Numbers

wo Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery Tickets Worth Over $89,000 Set to Expire Soon (PHOTO: John)

The Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery holds its breath, anticipating whether holders of winning tickets from various games—be it Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery, Florida Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4Life, Cash Pop, or Jackpot Triple Play—will heed the call to claim their prizes before they become lost to the wind. With both the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery tickets on the brink of expiry, the lottery community remains on edge, wondering if these unclaimed sums will soon be transferred to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund or returned to the pool for upcoming drawings. Florida’s lottery landscape comes with its own set of rules and limitations. The excitement of the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery is tied not only to potential winnings but also to deadlines. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days, but for a single-payment cash option, the window narrows to the first 60 days after the draw. Scratch-off tickets and Fast Play game prizes follow an even tighter timeline, demanding claims within 60 days of the game’s official end date.

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