6 ‘Brazen Incident’ Took Place Lately: Texas Hurricane Relief Program Workers Claims To Be Robbed

Construction workers in Houston have been the targets of several robberies in recent months, according to the Texas General Land Officer, who blames the city’s lax anti-crime policies.

6 'Brazen Incident' Took Place Lately: Texas Hurricane Relief Program Workers Claims To Be Robbed

General Land Office (GLO) construction personnel in Houston have reportedly been attacked six times in recent “brazen” robberies, according to Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham.

“It is unacceptable that hardworking General Land Office construction crews have been assaulted six times since July of this year in the City of Houston,” Buckingham told sources.

According to the Land Commissioner, a group of workmen were robbed at gunpoint on Monday while assisting families who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 in rebuilding their homes. Over 200,000 houses and businesses were destroyed and over 60 people lost their lives when Harvey, a category 4 hurricane, hit Texas and Louisiana.

According to Buckingham, one of the suspects shot the supervisor during the assault in the hand.

“In this most recent brazen incident, a building crew — working to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Harvey was robbed at gunpoint,” Buckingham said. “Not only was the crew forced to hand over numerous expensive tools, but the perpetrators shot the supervisor in the hand during the altercation.”

GLO construction personnel had previously been robbed in Houston, according to two police reports that Fox News Digital was able to receive from the Houston Police Department.

One report on August 10 details the capture and detention of three people who are accused of stealing numerous Stihl chainsaws from GLO sites.

Officers from the Houston authorities Department stopped a black Chevrolet Cruz that was believed to have been used in a number of violent robberies, according to the authorities. Authorities detained three people and accused them of aggravated robbery using a deadly weapon.

Another incident saw the arrest of two people suspected of robbing a GLO site van of its contents.

According to the police report, two suspects broke into the organization’s Ford pickup and grabbed an Apple laptop and a backpack.

According to Buckingham, Democratic officials are encouraging Houston’s lax anti-crime tactics, which have fueled the city’s ongoing crime wave.

“When criminals are not held accountable for their crimes, the number of these types of dangerous instances will continue to increase,” Buckingham said. “The City of Houston’s soft-on-crime policies are not just endangering its residents; they are affecting the highly impactful work of the General Land Office.”

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