A 65-Year-Old Pilot Is Accused Of Stalking A Woman For 4 Years: Know More Here

A pilot was accused on Friday of threatening a young girl, only days after he was caught for stalking her mother for more than four years in a single-engine Cessna plane.

“It’s a nightmare. He’s terrorized my family, and we’ve been so afraid,” Cassie Wilusz, 42, told Fox News Digital. “All these years he has been winning because nobody would do anything until now.”

A 65-Year-Old Pilot Is Accused Of Stalking A Woman For 4 Years: Know More Here

Micheal Arnold, 65, is accused of flying his jet over her Schuylerville home. Wilusz’s husband was dying of colon cancer, therefore she returned to New York numerous times a week in such a way that the windows rattled and the roof trembled.

“I didn’t know if he’d fly into our home. I didn’t know what he was capable of,” she said. “I thought, what if he shoots me.”

According to her, her concerns to the Federal Aviation Administration and the New York State Police fell on deaf ears.

Arnold has been arrested at least five times for aerial torture, but that hasn’t stopped him.

On Friday, Saratoga County Sheriff’s Deputy Nikki Voegler slapped Arnold in handcuffs outside the town’s local grocery store on criminal contempt charges after reportedly linking him to a Facebook account he used to threaten Wilusz’s daughter.

“Change your evil ways, girl.” [Your daughter] will be the next victim of karma. “You’ll see them all pass in front of you,” he allegedly wrote.

According to police, he used the same bogus account to put a distressing statement on her husband’s obituary page. “When times(sic) up, times(sic) up. We all have to live with our Karma,” he wrote.

The latest accusations were filed four days after Bennington police apprehended him at a Vermont airport for allegedly flying over Wilusz’s home on Sept. 27 in violation of a protective order.

According to a news release, the FBI contacted the Bennington Police Department, which was waiting for him at the airport when he arrived.

Arnold pleaded not guilty in Vermont Superior Court to a number of allegations. He swiftly posted bail in both recent cases.

The problems began in November of 2019. Wilusz owns Revolution Café, which is located in a lovely town of 1,300 people about 200 miles north of New York City. Arnold, a retired Merchant Marine, would visit the café many times a week.

He was simply another frequent customer in her eyes. He wrote her an unsettling email one day. “It was pictures of him tied up with naked women, like 20 photos, and he was telling me to open my mind,” Wilusz, who was married at the time, remembered.

She sent him a polite Facebook message, expressing her displeasure with the explicit photographs, and then banned him.

The rejection seems to have triggered an obsession. Arnold began flying over her house, photographing her backyard and automobile and uploading pictures to a local Facebook page. He’d be waiting in his car at the end of her driveway or hidden nearby while she went to work, walked her dog, or took her daughter to school.

An anonymous gift with images of her and her family with checkmarks next to their faces arrived in the mail, but the item was mailed from a post office without cameras, and authorities stated they couldn’t identify the source.

Arnold allegedly used his 1976 propeller plane to drop tomatoes on her and her neighbours’ residences in November 2022.

Authorities were waiting on the Saratoga County Airport’s landing strip the next time he flew. They demanded to see his mobile and discovered dozens of images of Wilusz and her family taken secretly in various locations.

He was arrested for stalking, and the court imposed a restraining order that allowed him to fly above her house.

“I ended up losing my mind and got super scared, and I wouldn’t let [my daughter] out of my sight,” recalled Wilusz.

But she was dealing with a more serious situation. Dave Wilusz, her husband, had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

“As Dave’s cancer progressed, I just couldn’t fight two battles, and I stopped calling the police because the police wouldn’t do anything,” she said. “The entire time Dave was in hospice, he would just circle us three to four times a week.”

Her spouse wished he could help but was too weak. “Cassie, this isn’t going to be your forever,” he said. I guarantee you, you and [our daughter] will be OK.”

On May 22, he passed away. “The next day, [Arnold] flew over, and it felt like he was going to come through my house, and everything shook, and I’m like, I can’t, I can’t live like this anymore,” she added, her voice shaking with grief.

Instead than focusing on burying her husband, she spoke with a local reporter on May 25. “So I’m standing there, and she’s asking me questions, and then he just came, and he pulled up and then sat there the entire time watching us,” she said.

He was caught on camera by the news channel. They contacted Voegler, whom Wilusz hailed as the sole officer who took the issue seriously.

The constable intended to arrest him for violating the restraining order but soon discovered that prosecutors had inadvertently allowed it to lapse. Wilusz stated that the document expired on the same day her spouse died.

A second protection order was issued, which included a no-fly order, but Arnold flew anyway. Before his current arrest, he began flying from Maine, then Vermont, instead of Saratoga County Airport.

Wilusz stated that she is hoping that this ordeal will be over with the assistance of Voegler and the FBI.

“I just want [my daughter] to see justice because she shouldn’t have to see in 2023 a man do this to a woman and nobody listen,” Wilusz said.

Arnold could not be reached for comment right away.

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