A Civil Rights Leader Allegedly Threatened A San Francisco Rapper Who Made Fun Of Mayor Breed

Local rapper who made fun of San Francisco Mayor London Breed in an internet sensational “diss track” now claims a civil rights leader threatened him.

A Civil Rights Leader Allegedly Threatened A San Francisco Rapper Who Made Fun Of Mayor Breed

San Francisco-based rapper and restaurant entrepreneur Chino Yang is back in the headlines when he dropped a song in which he accused Breed of turning San Francisco into a “zombie land.”

Yang’s song “San Francisco Our Home,” which has received over 45,000 views on YouTube, criticises “liberals” in San Francisco for allowing crime and homelessness to proliferate in the city.

Yang apologised to Breed in a video posted on his personal Instagram account after local authorities saw his footage. He said that he had received threats from a “very powerful individual” and was worried for his family’s safety.

Yang made the same claim this week that he is receiving threats because of his video.

“Yang shared a statement issued on social media by the group Asian Justice Movement that accused the Rev. Amos Brown, a Breed ally, of making the alleged threats,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In a post regarding Brown, Yang claimed that the civil rights activist had “intimidated” the rapper by going to his place of business and saying things like “the house is on fire” when discussing the song and video with Yang’s sister, according to the Chronicle. In addition, there were claims made in the post that Brown would “turn the Black community against Yang.”

The Chronicle was informed by Brown that the post was a “lie.”

“Nobody threatened him, and if he was threatened … he would have called the Police Department, the U.S. Marshal or the FBI,” Brown said.

Brown had previously denounced Yang’s song in a “90-minute news conference last week.”

“Brown said he spoke to Yang and his sister but never issued any threats,” the Chronicle explained.

Yang claimed that living in a “city without law and order” and trying to support his family has become challenging due to frequent break-ins at his business, Kung Food. According to a July report by the local news site KRON, since 2020, there have been seven break-ins and vandalisms at his shop.

A request for response from Fox News Digital was not answered by Yang, Rev. Brown, or Breed’s office.

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