A Daycare Director In Indiana Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison After Providing Melatonin Gummies To Kids

A former daycare director in Indiana was recently sentenced to six months in prison for providing children with melatonin gummies without getting their parent’s permission.

A Daycare Director In Indiana Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison After Providing Melatonin Gummies

Last year, Tonya Rachelle Voris, 53, was charged with six misdemeanour counts of irresponsible supervision by a childcare provider and eleven felonies of maltreatment of a dependent. She was given a half-year jail sentence after entering a guilty plea on Friday.

Voris gave the kids sweets to eat during nap time so they would go to sleep. She was employed at New Life Church in Cumberland, a suburb of Indianapolis, at the Kidz Life Childcare Ministry.

The seventeen kids who consumed the gummies ranged in age from newborns to four years old.

To help her child fall asleep during naps, a parent initially requested that Voris give her pediatric-strength melatonin, according to the affidavit.

Voris was pleased with the gummies’ effectiveness and started giving them to kids without getting permission.

It’s unclear what precise side effects the children supposedly encountered.

“Voris dispensed the melatonin gummies to forcefully induce sleep in several children for her gain in not having to deal with fussy or problematic children who would not sleep during naptime which was characterized by several staff members as their break-time,” court documents obtained by FOX 59 read.

Once another creche worker informed the church pastor about the event, the pastor made contact with the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department. At the time, Brent Eaton, the prosecutor for Hancock County, stated that parents needed to be aware of the gummies’ various adverse effects.

“There are many side effects of OTC medications and those can impact individuals in a variety of ways depending on any other health conditions, medications, and other supplements present, which is why parents must always give express permission for any medication to be given,” Eaton said, according to FOX 59.

Voris currently resides in Dade City, Florida, having formerly lived in Fortville, Indiana. After her Friday sentencing, she was brought into custody right away.

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