A Delaware man who crashed into Biden’s motorcade is charged with D.U.I.

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James Cooper, 46, struck a Secret Service car on Sunday while the president was leaving an event at his Wilmington campaign offices, according to the police.

Wilmington, Delaware police department spokeswoman On Monday, the man who collided his automobile on Sunday night with a Secret Service van escorting President Biden was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

James Cooper, 46, of Wilmington, collided with a Secret Service sport utility vehicle when Joe Biden was leaving an event at his campaign headquarters in downtown Wilmington, according to the spokesperson, David Karas. Mr. Karas reported that there were no injuries in the incident.

Just after 8 p.m., the president was having dinner with members of his campaign team and talking to reporters about his polling statistics when a silver vehicle with Delaware licence plates crashed into the S.U.V.

As per the press pool, First Lady Jill Biden was already inside the vehicle. The two had just left his campaign offices in Wilmington, Delaware after attending a meal with personnel.

According to Wilmington police, the motorist has been charged with both inattentive driving and operating a car while intoxicated.

Photographers saw Mr. Biden looking at the collision and looking astonished, just before officials hurried him back into his motorcade.

Reporters from the White House press pool were told that the driver was encircled by the officials, who brandished their firearms at him, and then he turned himself in.

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