A Family Of 5 Was Miraculously Saved From The Colorado Mountains In Spite Of The Freezing Temperatures

On Wednesday, a Chicago hiking family made a fortunate escape after becoming stranded on Colorado’s Greenhorn mountains as dusk fell. Officials praised the family for moving quickly to protect themselves.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) reports that the family of five—three adults and two children—went on a hike on the Greenhorn Trailhead on Wednesday morning and was almost at the summit when they were slowed down by the impacts of worsening weather along the icy terrain.

A Family Of 5 Was Miraculously Saved From The Colorado Mountains In Spite Of The Freezing Temperatures

The family was suffering from unexpected snow and the effects of being at a high altitude. They were also growing tired and wearing clothes that were too light for the bitterly cold weather.

The Chicago family soon realised they wouldn’t be able to make it back to their starting point as dusk was falling and the temperature was dropping on the 11,300-foot high mountain, so they dialled 911 for assistance.

And with that, a multi-agency rescue team was swiftly raised and put into action.

After being airlifted to the summit of North Peak, volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office were able to find the freezing family using GPS signals. They provided food, water, and extra clothing to the shivering family.

After accompanying the family on a mile-long walk up the summit, the SAR crew was greeted by firefighters who had trekked from the Bartlett Trailhead.

After that, everyone in the group hiked the remaining distance to the summit of Ophir Creek, where rescue vehicles were waiting for them.

The family was greeted by relatives who had not hiked as the parties safely descended the mountain, according to the PCSO. The rescue operation took seven hours to finish, according to the PCSO.

Last Wednesday, the PCSO shared photos of the treacherous snowy terrain.

The PCSO praised the family for taking several safety measures before starting the hike and having the resources to contact them for assistance before their cell phones failed, even though they put themselves at risk.

For example, the family advised their relatives in advance of their trekking plans and carried an outdoor survival kit.

They also complied with the directives of the 911 operator and stayed still until help could find them.

Before setting out, the PCSO warned hikers and trail users to be ready and mindful of quickly changing conditions. The advisory noted that temperatures decrease sharply in the winter as the sun sets.

The length of the Greenhorn Trail is 7.8 miles. The Forest Service states that it rises 3,880 feet from its starting elevation of 7,460 feet to its highest point of 11,340 feet.

The government rated the hiking trail as moderate.

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