A Florida Guy Who Was Arrested For Attacking A Teenager At A Bus Stop Has A Prior Murder Conviction

According to authorities, a convicted killer was apprehended in Lakeland, Florida, after waiting at his son’s bus stop and hitting one of the two youngsters who had jumped him.

In a news release, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office stated that a DoorDash driver on Tuesday observed 47-year-old Jarrett Garrett McCabe striking a 16-year-old boy in Lakeland.

A Florida Guy Who Was Arrested For Attacking A Teenager At A Bus Stop Has A Prior Murder Conviction

McCabe allegedly told officers that he learned on Monday from a neighbour that two youngsters had jumped McCabe’s son a few weeks prior.

It was discovered by the investigators that McCabe’s son had fought with one of the boys on Monday and with the other youngster a few weeks prior. The sheriff’s office stated that the youngster was not jumped on either occasion.

McCabe went to the bus stop and waited to see if the two boys would fight with his kid again after learning that he might have been jumped by them.

As soon as the two boys got off the bus, McCabe accosted them, according to the sheriff’s office, rather than waiting.

McCabe claimed to have smacked one of the boys across the face with an open palm, while witnesses claimed the suspect had punched the youngster twice in the stomach and then in the face.

According to the sheriff’s office, McCabe allegedly attacked the same youngster on Tuesday that his son got into a fight with a few weeks prior. The other adolescent was present when the adult assaulted the adolescent.

After all, McCabe was taken into custody and given a mere assault charge.

“It’s understandable that a dad would be upset about his son getting jumped, but waiting at a bus stop to beat up a kid is not the kind of example you want to be setting for your child,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. “Based on this and his criminal history, he clearly has anger-management issues.”

Following the confrontation on Monday, McCabe received an apology from the youngster and his mother for their dispute.

With past convictions for second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a weapon, and firing or hurling a lethal missile into a building or car, McCabe has a terrible criminal past.

After serving six years and eleven months in a Florida state jail, he was freed from prison after being found guilty of the offences.

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