A guy on trial in NY for the murder of a young lady who exclaimed, “My soul is dead,” as her pals drove into the incorrect driveway

Fort Edward, New York: At his trial on Friday, the man who shot and killed a 20-year-old woman in upstate New York after her car accidently went up his remote driveway stated he felt under siege that evening and that he now felt “like my soul is dead.”

However, he insisted that the lethal shot was unintentionally fired.

In order to conclude testimony in his second-degree murder trial, Kevin Monahan, 66, took the stand in his own defence.

He is accused in the death of Kaylin Gillis, who was travelling in a group of two cars and a motorbike on a Saturday night in April of last year when they pulled into his driveway.

According to the authorities, Monahan fired twice from his deck, the second one striking Gillis in the neck.

When the caravan came up to his long, winding road, Monahan told the jury he thought his home in rural Hebron, some 40 miles (65 km) north of Albany, was “under siege” and facing a “invasion.”

While his wife hid in a closet, he attempted to scare the gang away by coming out brandishing a shotgun.

According to Monahan’s testimony, “you have to figure out the worst-case scenario when you’re by yourself,” the Times Union of Albany said. “I just have to keep my wife safe.”

According to Monahan, he gave the invaders a heads-up by firing a warning shot to indicate that he was armed.

“In my opinion, the warning shot resembles the beginning of a conversation,” he subsequently said during cross-examination.

Then, according to Monahan, he fell on nails sticking out of his deck while donning flip-flops. He stumbled and unintentionally discharged his shotgun into the Ford Explorer that was transporting Gillis, her boyfriend, and two other young friends.

Monahan stated in court, “I didn’t mean to shoot the second shot,” the newspaper reported. “The gun discharged.”

Arthur Frost, Monahan’s lawyer, questioned him about whether he pulled the trigger.

“I didn’t,” Monahan replied.

On the witness stand, Monahan sobbed and stated, “There’s a hole in me now.”

It’s ineffable, according to Monahan. “I’m not even sure how to react. My soul feels dead, that’s all.

Assistant District Attorney Christian Morris questioned Monahan during cross-examination about whether he had asked the individuals in his driveway, “Are you guys lost?” or instructed them to leave.

According to Monahan, he believed that saying anything would just exacerbate the issue.

By shooting at the SUV, Monahan, according to the prosecution, shown a wicked disregard for human life.

Later that evening, when police were outside Monahan’s home, he dialled 911. Morris pointed out that Monahan claimed to have been “sound asleep” and that he had not reported the event to the police or emergency operator.

“I told falsehoods,” admitted Monahan.

Prior to their Friday case resting, Monahan’s attorneys only called one person to testify on his behalf: Monahan.

On Monday, closing disputes are anticipated.

Along with being charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence, Monahan has been detained since the killing.

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