A mental health charity gets commended for its engaging campaign

The voices of youngsters discussing how they had been supported throughout trying times in life were featured in a video produced by The Charlie Waller Trust, an external organization with headquarters in Newbury.

A nonprofit organization has won recognition for its engaging fundraising initiative that brings attention to the issues facing young people dealing with mental health issues.

It won a challenge posed by Big Give, a charity that matches donations, and went on to raise more than £60,000.

A £1,000 donation to the organization will also be made as part of the reward by Big Give, which called the animation “wonderful”.

It had been entered into the Christmas Challenge, a week-long event held in December by the Big Give.

Charlie Waller’s CEO, Clare Stafford, stated: “We are overjoyed to have won Best UK Charity.”

“The whole team worked very hard during the Christmas Challenge and this award is an excellent reflection of their efforts.”

A mental health charity gets commended for its engaging campaign

Charlie Waller, who committed suicide in 1997 at the age of 28, had his trust established by his parents.

He believed he had lost the will to go on because he had been depressed.

The charitable organization’s goal has always been to inform youth about mental health and wellness.

In the animated video, a white animated character gradually turns orange by gathering advise and support money.

Real kids and teenagers provide the voices of the characters, who describe how the organization supports them in various circumstances.

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