A Seattle guy who sold drugs out of a stolen automobile was given an eight-year term

Tuesday saw the eight-year jail sentencing of a Seattle man who had been found in possession of banned narcotics with the intent to distribute them. Acting U.S. Attorney Tessa Gorman claims that he was first taken into custody in a vehicle that had been taken from the garage of Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The fact that Timothy Laucks, 42, was additionally accused of possessing a handgun adds even more weight to this drug trafficking offence. On September 26, 2023, he entered a guilty plea. After serving his sentence in prison, U.S. District Judge James Robart ordered him to serve an extra three years under supervision.

In a prepared statement, Gorman stated, “Laucks was spotted driving a stolen car at the Children’s Hospital parking garage, while the owner was inside with a sick child.” “On November 4, 2022, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) spotted the car in the Ballard neighbourhood, just days after it was taken on October 30.”

Documents from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) show that after the automobile was noticed, SPD officers followed and watched it for a few hours while Laucks drove to different homeless encampments in the Seattle region. Laucks was spotted “thinly disguising” himself at these sites by carrying a pizza box and selling drugs to those living in the homeless encampments.

Gorman went on, “Laucks drove to a downtown grocery store parking lot, where officers followed him.” Laucks pressed the accelerator, slamming into the patrol car when the police pulled their marked vehicle in front of the pilfered vehicle. He tried to run away on foot but was apprehended quickly.

In a backpack he threw while attempting to escape, officers found several drugs prepared for distribution, including heroin, fentanyl pills, powder, cocaine, meth, and Zanax. They also found a.40 semi-automatic handgun that had been reported stolen in Redmond. When he was taken into custody, more than $8,000 in cash and another pistol were discovered on him.

“He said he bought the car from someone else and only discovered later that it was stolen from a sick child’s family when he found some medical records in the car,” Gorman said. “He said to the officers that he got busy making drops and forgot to return the car and the paperwork.”

On March 1, 2023, the grand jury indicted Laucks. Laucks’s past crimes, which include felonies in Skagit and Whatcom Counties, prevent him from being in possession of guns.

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