A teenager from Iowa received a life sentence for bashing a 66-year-old Spanish teacher to death over a poor grade

In light of his involvement in the beating death of Nohema Graber, his high school Spanish teacher, Jeremy Goodale, 18, has been sentenced by an Iowa judge to life in prison with the potential of release after 25 years.

Judge Shawn Showers emphasized in his verdict on Wednesday that the former Fairfield High School student could have easily stopped the incident from happening.

Goodale had already entered a guilty plea to first-degree murder alongside his companion Willard Miller for the 2021 killing, which featured the two hitting the 66-year-old teacher with a bat as she went for her regular stroll in a nearby park.

Goodale expressed regret to the teacher’s family, the community, and his own family prior to receiving his sentence.

“I really apologize. Goodale cried occasionally as she spoke. “What I’ve taken can never be replaced.” “Every day I wish I could go back and stop myself, prevent this loss and this pain that I’ve caused everyone.”

A teenager from Iowa received a life sentence for bashing a 66-year-old Spanish teacher to death over a poor grade


Goodale’s nose began to leak blood after she finished testifying and continued to cry, and the hearing was halted after a few minutes.

Prosecutors said that the two males, who were 16 at the time, had chosen to murder Graber because of a poor grade she had given Miller. Miller’s worry that the grade would prevent him from participating in a study abroad programme was the driving force behind the decision.

Before imposing his life sentence with a minimum of 25 years, Judge Shawn Showers listed the 25 criteria he had to take into account. Although Showers pointed out that Graber is a bright young man who might have easily prevented the murder, he said it was evident that Goodale was sorry and had thought through the consequences of killing him.

The judge’s ruling mirrored the penalty that the prosecution had requested. Before being eligible for parole, Goodale’s attorney had suggested that he should receive a life sentence without the need for a minimum.

The victim’s brother-in-law, Tom Graber, questioned the veracity of Goodale’s account during the hearings on Wednesday.

Graber remarked, “I must say your actions towards me undercut that.” You’re an adult now. You have your counsel even though you are older than eighteen. pleading to avoid punishment for this heinous conduct on your behalf. I don’t think that sounds like regret.

Graber went on to say: “Murdering a teacher to avoid an F, that was apparently enough for you to go along with the crime.”

The two students were charged as adults, but due to their age, they were exempt from Iowa’s mandate that anybody found guilty of first-degree murder serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Showers sentenced Miller to life in prison in July, with the prospect of release after 35 years.

In April, Miller and Goodale entered guilty pleas to killing Graber. Once Graber was killed, her body was moved to a location close to railway lines using a wheelbarrow, and then the tarp was covered, and the wheelbarrow and railway tie were placed on top of the tarp.

A teenager from Iowa received a life sentence for bashing a 66-year-old Spanish teacher to death over a poor grade

In Mexico, at Xalapa, Graber was born. She began her career as a flight attendant after high school and eventually obtained her licence to operate commercial aircraft.

She then obtained a teaching certificate and relocated to Fairfield in 1992 after getting married.

Since 2012, she had been employed at Fairfield High School.

After his wife passed away, Paul Graber, her spouse, succumbed to cancer. Three kids were born to the couple.

Judge Showers stated in his decision that he believed Goodale had a better chance of rehabilitation than Miller, his co-defendant, because of his cooperation and honesty. “I wish you luck, Mr. Goodale, and I hope everyone in this room can heal as well,” Showers replied.

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