A True-crime Author Assisted A Tinder Killer In Jail: Know More Here

Local sources claim that a true-crime author assisted a death row inmate in Nebraska who had killed and dismembered a woman he met on Tinder to extort $25,000 from a prison nurse.

A True-crime Author Assisted A Tinder Killer In Jail: Know More Here

According to reports, Samantha Al-Rekabi was writing a book on the 2017 slaying of Sydney Loofe, 24, and she was charged on Wednesday with felony theft by extortion in connection with the case, according to KLKN.

A 56-year-old man named Aubrey Trail was found guilty of killing Loofe and given the death penalty. He allegedly strangled Loofe with an electrical cord, sliced her body into 14 pieces, and dumped the fragments of her body in several Nebraskan ditches.

On Tinder, Trail’s girlfriend, now 29 years old, matched with Loofe and asked both the victim and Trail to have group sex.

According to an affidavit obtained by KLKN, Al-Rekabi presumably dated Trail while looking for information on Loofe’s murder for her true-crime book, and she assisted him in extorting the prison nurse in 2021 before his sentencing that same year.

In her search for information for her book, the suspect also made friends with the nurse. They considered themselves to be “true crime buffs,” according to court records that KETV received.

After some time, Trail made contact with the nurse, who revealed to the murderer that she was having problems with her husband. The nurse was allegedly duped by Trail, who informed her that a hitman had been recruited to kill her husband and that the job could only be prevented if she paid him $25,000 to do so.

Additionally, according to the Lincoln Journal-Star, he reportedly persuaded the nurse to bring weapons, chewing tobacco, and a phone into prison for him.

In phone calls that the investigators were able to obtain, Trail reportedly begged the nurse to “… bring me a gun so I can just kill everybody.”

It appears that the nurse took the money from her bank account while Al-Rekabi was present.

Al-Rekabi allegedly claimed Trail coerced her into extorting the nurse for cash during an interview with the Nebraska State Patrol, claiming she believed he would kill her or her son, who was also an inmate, if she did not carry out the alleged extortion plot, according to KETV. In 2021, the nurse left her position.

“Trail also mentioned his intent to have a firearm smuggled into the prison,” an investigator wrote in the affidavit, according to the Lincoln Journal-Star. He and Al-Rekabi “also discussed the compromised staff member and her desire to have her husband killed in order to prevent him from obtaining her pension (through divorce).”

However, according to records obtained by KETV, phone calls recorded by detectives appear to capture Al-Rekabi “joking” with Trail “about how they were going to swindle $25,000.”

On Wednesday, the true-crime author appeared in court in Lancaster County, where a $5,000 bond was set.

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