Accused Of Killing Two US Tourists, La Kena, A Renowned Mexican Cartel Leader, Was Captured

La Kena, a well-known Mexican drug cartel boss, has been apprehended. It is thought that his group killed two American tourists the previous year.

Accused Of Killing Two US Tourists, La Kena, A Renowned Mexican Cartel Leader, Was Captured

The head of the influential “Los Ciclones,” or “Cyclones” cell, José Alberto García Vilano, was detained on Friday in a shopping centre outside of Monterrey after authorities were tipped off to his whereabouts, according to local media and officials.

One of the most potent and vicious groups inside the now-split Gulf cartel, the Cyclones, is suspected of killing two of the four American Americans who were abducted in March.

In the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, one of the wealthiest regions of Mexico, there is a video purportedly showing Vilano and his companions being pulled out of the mall by naval men and then bungling into unmarked vehicles stationed outside the mall.

The putative leader of a criminal group was apprehended by marines “in one of the criminal organizations with the most presence in the state of Tamaulipas,” according to a statement from Mexico’s military, though it did not give a name.

According to the statement, he was one of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s primary targets.

San Pedro Garza García mayor Miguel Treviño posted a screenshot of an item in the newspaper naming La Kena on X.

“Thanks to good intelligence, coordination and police monitoring, today an alleged criminal leader was arrested without a single shot,” Treviño wrote.

State prosecutors in Tamaulipas, Texas, called Vilano “Cyclone 19” and offered a reward of $150,000 for his capture in 2022.

Four Americans who had entered Matamoros from Texas in March were allegedly abducted by the organization for one of them to receive cosmetic surgery.

They were shot at in the heart of Matamoros before being placed into a pickup vehicle after inadvertently becoming entangled in the crossfire between the Cyclones and another cartel.

Latavia McGee and Eric Williams escaped the attack, while Americans Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodard perished. The most of them had grown up in Lake City, South Carolina, a tiny town, together.

Areli Pablo Servando, 33, a Mexican woman, was also slain, perhaps by a stray bullet.

A number of persons have been taken into custody in relation to the murders and kidnappings. Soon after the kidnapping, the Gulf drug cartel turned up five guys to police, and two more people were taken into custody by prosecutors a few days later.

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