Accused Serial Killer In Delaware Faces Life In Prison After A Jury Found Him Guilty Of 2 Murders And 2 Robberies

A suspected serial killer who was charged with six counts of murder and other offences in 2021 was found guilty by a Delaware jury on Tuesday. He now faces life in prison.

Accused Serial Killer In Delaware Faces Life In Prison After A Jury Found Him Guilty Of 2 Murders And 2 Robberies

Keith Gibson, a native of Philadelphia, was found guilty of murder and robbery following a two-day jury deliberation that lasted almost six hours.

The jury found that Gibson killed and stole from 42-year-old Ronald Wright, a cocaine dealer in Wilmington, Delaware, and 28-year-old Leslie Ruiz-Basilio, an Elsmere mobile store clerk.

Gibson has also been found guilty of assault conspiracy, firearms offences, armed pharmacy shop robbery, and attempted murder and robbery of Wilmington store clerk Belal Almansoori.

Gibson was found guilty of murder; however, the judge did not immediately set a sentencing date. Gibson faces mandatory life sentences for these charges.

Gibson was connected to at least six killings, including the deadly shooting of a Dunkin’ Donuts manager, according to Delaware police in June 2021.

In Pennsylvania, the district attorney for Philadelphia has authorised the filing of murder charges against Gibson for the deaths of his mother, the manager of Dunkin’ Donuts, and two men who were discovered shot in the heat at a Germantown neighbourhood store.

Delaware was still handling the prosecution of the extra charges.

Video footage of the robberies and shootings of Ruiz-Basilio and Almansoori was used by Delaware’s prosecutors. The prosecution further contended that a revolver found during Gibson’s arrest was connected to ballistics evidence obtained from the shootings of Ruiz-Basilio and Almansoori.

A friend of Gibson’s identified Gibson as the individual seen on surveillance footage taken at the crime scenes. Other pieces of evidence included Gibson’s bicycle, which was discovered close to the mobile store, and clothing that implicated Gibson as the shooter in each incident.

In the case in point, surveillance footage from a Metro PCS store in Elsmere on May 15, 2021, captured Ruiz-Basilio being approached by a gunman who led her to the back of the store before killing her in the head at close range. After taking cash and cell phones from the store, the gunman left in the victim’s SUV.

Later on, the SUV was found close to Gibson’s residence in Philadelphia.

After the gunman’s initial attempt at hitting Almansoori on June 6, 20021, he was lying on the floor of his store and acting as though he had died.

Before shooting the adolescent in the head, the shooter took numerous objects, turned, and shot Almansoori once more as he was walking away.

Almansoori lived and gave a statement during Gibson’s trial. The day following Wright’s death, he was shot in what the prosecution described as a “drug house.”

Later, Gibson was seen carrying Wright’s shoulder bag, which contained his medication.

Gibson confronted Christine Lugo, 40, the same day she opened a Dunkin’ Donuts store in north Philadelphia. Lugo was shot in the head by Gibson after he allegedly pulled her into the business, stole roughly $300, and fled. Surveillance video captured the shooting.

On June 8, 2021, Gibson was taken into custody following a Rite Aid robbery in Wilmington. Prosecutors claim that when Gibson was apprehended, he was wearing body armour and had ammunition that matched gunshot pieces discovered at two different crime locations.

A GPS monitoring device that the Rite Aid shop clerk placed inside a bag of cash helped locate him.

The handgun used in the shootings, according to the prosecution, was found close to the scene of Gibson’s arrest.

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