After A Pub Shooting In Wisconsin That Killed Two Newlyweds, A Person Of Interest Is Being Arrested

On Thursday, February 1, a newlywed couple was discovered shot and killed inside a sports bar in Wisconsin. Following this, authorities detained a person of interest.

After A Pub Shooting In Wisconsin That Killed Two Newlyweds, A Person Of Interest Is Being Arrested

Social media posts from the Elkhorn Police Department stated that on Thursday, just after midnight, Gina Weingart, 37, and Emerson Weingart, 33, were shot and killed inside the Sports Page Barr in Elkhorn.

Elkhorn police said on Monday that they have been concentrating on a lead that emerged over the weekend and resulted in the person’s apprehension. While they continued their investigation, police also stated that the individual was detained on an unrelated charge.

Just before 12:30 a.m., Elkhorn Police reported receiving a 911 call regarding “shots fired.” However, by the time police arrived, the pair had already passed away from their wounds.

FOX6 News was informed by friends and family that the pair recently tied the knot in June. According to a friend, Gina worked as a barmaid at the establishment, and Emerson was there to keep her company at the time of the shooting.

The bar’s owner called the shooting “a cowardly act” in a Facebook post.

“1st some coward came into the bar and opened fire. Although this individual has not been identified/caught yet, I won’t be talking about him,” Jordan Barr wrote.

Barr went on to claim that before Gina began working there as a barmaid, she would frequently visit the establishment and get to know the staff.

“The Sports Page Barr staff and regulars have always been more than a tight-knit group, a family. Before Gina joined our staff, she and Emerson started coming in and very quickly became close with all of us, staff and patrons alike,” Barr wrote. “Their lives were just beginning, and I believe I speak for our entire Sports Page family by saying we are devastated by what happened. It is a despicable act of violence that has shaken all of us to our core.”

According to their obituary, Gina and Emerson became inseparable once they began dating in 2020.

The couple’s funeral services will take place at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Burlington on Saturday, February 10, as per the Daniels Family Funeral Home and Crematory.

Whether the pair was the aim of the attack or if it was just random remains unknown to the police.

“We are all just devastated right now and pray that Emerson and Gina get the justice they deserve,” Leland Weingart, Emerson’s brother, told FOX6 via text.

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